March 2011

33rd UBC Physics Olympics

Student teams worked on six different physics challenges

Student teams worked on six different physics challenges

On Saturday, March 11, two UBC departments in two different Faculties: Physics and Astronomy (Faculty of Science) and Curriculum and Pedagogy (Faculty of Education) collaborated to host the 33rd UBC Physics Olympics. More than 350 students from 55 schools all across British Columbia took part in the event – some of them came by ferry, some flew and many drove. It was amazing to see so many students and physics teachers came early on Saturday to do physics and have fun. In addition to physics teachers and students, we had lots and lots of people involved in the event  – volunteers (bright yellow T-shirts) came from both departments. It was a long but fun and rewarding day. Thanks to everybody who made it happen, especially Profs Reg Wild, Samson Nashon, and Marina Milner-Bolotin from the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy who has been helping with the Olympics (meaning doing lots of work…) for more than a decade! From the Physics side, the event was organized by Profs. Tom Mattison, Janis McKenna, Mike Hasinoff, Ingrid Stairs and many other physics faculty, students and staff. We also had the members of the BCAPT Executive Board participated in the event – Prof. Michael Hasinoff, Prof. Marina Milner-Bolotin and our new BC APT EB member – one of the best physics teachers in the Lower Mainland – Mike Hengeveld. It is very exciting to see so many people being excited about physics. I hope the next year’s even will be a success as well.

For more photos, click here.

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