April 2011

Vernier Video Physics for iOS

I have been a fan of Vernier Video Analysis for a long time. I have used it in many different contexts (small and large classes, lectures and labs, HS and University physics) and always recommended it for physics teachers. Therefore I was especially happy to find out that right now Vernier created an iPhone app for its video analysis. This is great news!

Vernier videophysics_poster

Vernier videophysics_poster

I am copying below what I read on Vernier Web site:

Capture, Analyze, and Share.

Vernier Video Physics for iOS brings physics video analysis to the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Take a video of an object in motion, mark its position frame by frame, and set up the scale using a known distance. Video Physics then draws trajectory, position, and velocity graphs for the object. Share video, graphs and data to Facebook, your photo library and to your computer running Vernier’s Logger Pro software.

Video Physics is perfect for physics students and instructors. Perform on-the-go analysis of interesting motions. Measure the velocity of a child’s swing, a roller-coaster, or a car. Or, take a video of a basketball free throw shot. Video Physics will display the path of the ball and provide graphs of Y vs X as well as the X and Y position and velocity as a function of time.

Video Physics is intended for use in physics education. The video analysis done in Video Physics is a useful technique for studying two-dimensional kinematics. You can do even more with Vernier’s Logger Pro software for Mac OS X and Windows.

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