November 2012

Family Science Day and Celebrate Science Library Fest 2012

On October 27 2012 we had another Family Science Day and on November 2nd we had our third Celebrate Science Library event. The goals of both events were to bring science to the community: to teachers, parents, future teachers and of course students. These were two busy Saturdays, but I think they were worth it. I am so grateful to have so many friends and colleagues here who helped out with it and of course my family is always there to help. This year Valery and Arik did an amazing job helping out and supporting me with it… Avivi will help me next year…


Family Math & Science Fair at UBC Faculty of Education

Third Math and Science Fair at UBC Faculty of Education has been very successful. It attracted more than 100 children and their families and more than 40 volunteers many of whom are teacher-candidates who came to share the love of mathematics and science with the larger community. The event was supported by the Dean, by the Teacher Education Office and by the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy. It was organized by the Outreach Committee of the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy.

Math and Science Fairs became a tradition that connects our faculty members, students, prospective teachers and community at large with the excitement of mathematics and science learning and teaching. This year it took place on October 27th, 2012 at UBC Faculty of Education (Scarfe Building) from 10:00 am t0 12:30 pm as part of UBC Celebrate Learning Week 2012 events.

As UBC Faculty of Education has proclaimed the academic year of 2012-2013 to be the Year of Indigenous Education, we offered a number of activities during the Family Mathematics and Science Fair devoted to exploring different ways of knowing the natural world.  We talked about nature, did amazing experiments and attempted to understand the natural world around us a little better.

In addition to our “traditional” science activities, we also explored how the Indigenous Peoples of British Columbia explore nature and how Indigenous ways of knowing the natural world have become an important part of  British Columbia cultural heritage.  This was a very exciting event and many families from all across the Lower Mainland and beyond participated in it.

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