October 2016

Family Math & Science Day 2016

I have been able to write a lot lately because I have been extremely busy with a few very important events. One of them is 6th UBC Facutly of Education Family Math and Science Day. On a stormy morning of October 15th, 2016, more than 80 student-volunteers (mainly future science and math teachers), colleagues and I gathered in the Science and Math Labs of the Scarfe Building to prepare for hosting our annual Family Math and Science celebration. Once again, we were able to organize a very successful Family Math and Science Day. I am very happy to see that the event that I was dreaming about six years ago now has become a tradition. This year we received a lot of support from the Dean of Education, Teacher Education Office, PIMS, and the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy (my own department). We also were supported by Visual Analytics and a local Staples store, as well as by Davig Ng from the UBC Faculty of Science (Michael Smith Labs), and Beaty Biodiversity Museum who offered discounted tickets to our guests.

However, we also faced some unforeseen weather challenges, such a huge storm over the weekend. A night before many households in the Greater Vancouver area were out of power due to the storm damage. And yet, the event did happen and more than 350 guests and 82 volunteers came to share the love for mathematics and science with us. We even had President Santa Ono and his family visit us (which was rather unexpected).


UBC President, Dr. Santa Ono (third from left) and his family came to celebrate math and science with us. We were very excited to have them visit us.

I would like to acknowledge here many of my colleagues and students who came to help. The event started at 10 am, yet many student-volunteers were there way before 8 am to get ready. I was so proud and happy to see how they interacted with the guests, answered questions and engaged the guests with math and science. The volunteers also helped us to clean up at the end, such as this year everything was very smooth.

I also want to acknowledge my husband, Valery Milner, who year after year comes to support us. For Valery and myself, Family Math & Science Day is certainly a family affair and I am very proud of that.


Valery explains how infra-red camera works to children and their parents.

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