May 2017

Beijing Normal University Seminar 3: The Future of Education

I was invited to give a talk to a group of graduate students in the course of Prof. Feng-Kuang Chiang. It was a very positive experience.

This May I had an opportunity to participate in the third seminar organized by Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education. More than 20 people were invited to attend this seminar. The researchers from the UK, Finland, Australia, Canada, the US, Greece, and China presented their collaborative research projects focused on rethinking the future of education. This workshop also included a visit to yet another elementary school in Beijing which is always an exciting experience.

Going to Beijing is always an invigorating opportunity to learn something new. I can see that Beijing Normal University (BNU) is investing seriously into education. And it definitely shows. Every time I come (and I had an opportunity to visit BNU three times this year), I see some new initiatives, new projects, inspiring faculty and students. I am very grateful to have an opportunity to collaborate with Professor Feng-Kuang Chiang, whose area of research is in educational technology and teacher education.

Wendy, Prof. Feng-Kuang Chiang and I right before my presentation.

One of the things that I have learned during the visit is new efforts in China to create online opportunities for tutoring for all K-12 students. They are paying teachers to tutor students online, such as all students can get access to good teachers. In addition there are new projects to introducing Artificial Intelligence tutoring in schools more widely. They are also rethinking their examination system. So it looks like China is undergoing significant educational reforms now and they want to learn from the researchers worldwide. This is very inspiring.

Lastly, I also presented my poster that explored new ways of thinking about teacher knowledge and its growth:

Presenting my poster that explored new ways of thinking about teachers’ knowledge and its growth.

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