February 2018

Teachers and Teaching in the Era of Change

Participants (not all) of the first Israeli-Canadian workshop: Teachers and Teaching in the Era of Change.

For the last year my colleagues (Dr. Dragana Martinovic from the University of Windsor and Dr. Yifat Ben David Kolikant from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and I have been working to make our dream a reality. We had a dream of organizing a workshop where scholars, graduate students, teachers, policy makers, and administrators from Canada and Israel can work together to discuss the issues that in our view are relevant today in STEM education. We also wanted to invite colleagues outside of the STEM field in order to enrich our prospective and to learn how other people view the issues. Thus we build many bridges examining the topic inside out.

Unlike big conferences, we wanted to have a workshop where we can truly collaborate, discuss, argue, ask questions and get to know each other. We also had two fantastic keynote speakers and wonderful discussants for the presented papers. I think it has just happened. From February 5-7 we (30+ people) attended our workshop. It was one of the most engaging events I have ever experienced.  I think it was a a great outcome of a long year of work and collaboration. We are so grateful to our sponsors and all the colleagues who attended. I am especially grateful to my sister – Dr. Svetlana Chachashvili-Bolotin who not only participated, but also has supported us in many ways. I am so lucky to have a sister who is an educator, an academic and a very close friend. Thank you all! For more, please see here.

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