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BCTF to hold province wide vote.
BC Liberal Government to consider report overnight.BCTF Report on the discussions with facilitator, Vince Ready
Source: BCTF


* On Monday night Vince Ready called the BCTF to say that he’d been appointed as a facilitator to promote discussions that could lead to a resolution of the dispute.
* The Full-Time Table Officers, supported by staff, met with Vince Ready four times over Tuesday and Wednesday.


* Said they would not meet with teachers while we are on the protest lines.
* Would not admit that they were one of the parties working with Vince Ready.
* Premier and Minister of Labour spoke about changes to the School Act to make improvements.
* Acknowledged need to address class size and class composition.
* Reiterated that the round table on learning was the venue for learning conditions discussions.


* No wage increase in a two-year agreement.
* No to a third year in this agreement.
* No to other forms of compensation, including benefit improvements and payment of Salary Indemnity Plan fee, although this is paid for most other public-sector workers.
* No contract language on learning conditions.
* Nothing that could be seen as rewarding teachers.


* Zero/zero mandate should not apply to teachers because teachers have paid a high price through the contract stripping in 2002.
* Were prepared to take 0% in the first year on salary, and work at other forms of compensation on the understanding that there would be a salary increase in the second and third years.
* Needed to see improvements for teachers on call.
* Must have class-size limits and class composition guarantees that are grievable.


BCTF representatives will be bringing the following elements for resolution into the discussion with Vince Ready today:

1. Amendments to the School Act to include:

– class-size limits for Grades 4-12 and limits for classes that have safety and exceptional learning issues, including the successful integration of students with special needs.

– staffing ratios for specialist teachers, such as teacher-librarians, counsellors, and learning assistance teachers.

2. Funding and a process for support for students with special needs that will:

– involve the school-based team (professionals working with the student’s parent).

– protect the confidentiality of the student.

3. a three-year agreement that provides stability to the system and allows time for relationships to improve.

4. salary and benefits improvements in years two and three of the agreement.


These elements reflect teachers continued willingness to reach a resolution. We are determined to make improvements for students and for teachers, but we are also problem-solvers. We call on the government to work through the Ready process in the same spirit of co-operation. This is not the time for threats, inflexibility, or posturing.

Teachers are tremendously encouraged by public support. We thank the many, many parents and concerned community members who have expressed their support. We call on them once again to encourage government to acknowledge the best intention of teachers and needs that must be met in our public schools.

We are also heartened by the fact that over 40 school boards have called on the government to either repeal Bill 12, negotiate a settlement, and/or repeal Bill 12.

Teachers remain incredibly strong and determined to make improvements for students and to achieve a fair settlement for teachers. Our goal remains a settlement that meets the needs of students and teachers in this province.

For more information on the specific language being proposed by the Federation, contact your local office.

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