Extend the school year!

Whether or not teachers’ accept the terms of the Ready Report we need to consider what will happen with the school year. As it stands, the government has won a windfall savings of close to $15 million a day. Let’s put that money to good use. Let’s extend the school year. If education is as essential as Mr. Campbell and Ms Bond say; if there has been such a crisis as Ms. Howland and the BCCPAC have claimed, then let’s do something about. Extend the school year. This way no student misses a precious day of school. Parents won’t mind about cutting into holiday time because we want our children to have the benefit of the maximum possible number of days at school. And, teachers won’t lose any pay in the long run.

Why not?

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  1. That’s probably a very good option, as it would also allow kids to make up lost learning time, and for teachers to make up lost salary!

    As it stands now, teachers have funded their own settlement. Educational funding should NOT come out of teachers salaries!

  2. I agree! It does help me to feel better about the way the government is offering to use my paycheck to increase funding in education!

  3. Sounds like agreat Idea.

    In most schools I’ve taught at we have lost more than 10 day a year due to surprise assemblys for such things a MADD, COPS, Narkanon ect, as well as field trips and snow days. Never a thought was given to the idea that the students were actually missing instructional time.

    There is always that last couple of weeks in june when the secondary students have 2 or 3 exams each week. We could teach then instead of tidying up our class rooms and having departmental lunches..

  4. Not Practical For Many Reasons!

    Extending the school year in principle sounds like a good idea, however this does not work for many teachers (myself included) who will be heading to summer school in the first week of July. I do not want to jepordize my third and final year of my Masters programme.

  5. Dear kerry,

    I hadn’t considered this aspect! I can see that that could have an impact; especailly if the universities were unsympathetic. If there was an extension to time at the very least one would hope that UBC and SFU faculties of education would make every allowance and accomodation neceesary.

    It’s hard to say what might actually happen and I suspect that in a short while the Minister of Educaiton will say something to the effect that this is a local board decision (you know -flexibility) and that she really can’t make people extend the year. I have already heard her suggest cutting out spring break.

    On an aside, the french school system has a break in late OCtober/early November and a break in the spring without really having a much longer school year.

    Bye for now,


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