Support our Teachers Demo @ UBC! (2)

About 60 students, staff and faculty turned this morning to demonstrate our support for the teachers. Gathering at the Transitions School site representatives from faculty, staff unions (CUPE 116, 2950), Teaching Assistants (CUPE 2278), teachers,and University Hill Secondary spoke about the importance of maintaining the strike.UBC.jpeg
Photo thanks to Wayne Ross

One thought on “Support our Teachers Demo @ UBC! (2)

  1. The teachers at the University Transition Program were very impressed by those who came out to show their support at the rally this morning. We are a committed group, very much committed to teaching, but also to there being a fair settlement for teachers, for students and for our education system in this province. We believe in public education and in a fair collective bargaining process. We feel strongly that our actions are right. Being just four lonely picketers at the Transition Program, we have appreciated those who show their support by joining our line, stopping by, waving, or even honking. The support this morning was especially encouraging, especially in the face of Justice Brenda Brown’s ruling to do what she can to make this impact individual teachers. Please everyone, keep doing what you can to support teachers all over this province.

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