Support our Teachers Demo @ UBC!

Support our Teachers Demo @ UBC!
Attention UBC Faculty, Staff, Students.
A support demo is being organized for Thursday, October 13, at 9:00 am on the ‘grassy knoll just to the east of the Asian Centre and immediately below the Music Building (West Mall and Memorial Road).

This is a Vancouver School Site (The University Transition Program) and has an active picket line.

Click here for map.

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  1. Note sent to various BC Media Outlets:
    As a parent with two children in public schools I am very concerned with the state of our public education system. I have watched progressive budget plans incrementally strip away the vestiges of quality in the system. Today our teachers are at the front of the struggle for public education. I am completely behind them; no I am standing beside them in their struggle. Along with many of my faculty colleagues at UBC, other parents, students, and staff we will be showing our support on a picket line of teachers at UBC.

    This morning at 9:00 am we will be joining the pickets at West Mall and Memorial on the UBC campus where teachers from the Transition program are on strike (see for more details).

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