Saytk'ilhl Wo'osim'

The Story of Black Coyote Video Clip by Christine Ehrlich-Brady

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Description of the Resource The resource I chose is a two minute videoclip about Black Coyote. This video clip depicts the story of Black Coyote, told in American Sign Language by Ethan Bolton, a Deaf student at the British Columbia School for the Deaf. Ethan is a member of the Gitxaala clan, Tsmshian Nation in northwestern, B.C. He used this story for a public speaking contest hosted by a school in Massachusetts in which he came in first place.   I chose this video because I wanted to share an historical…read more


The Blanket Exercise (3rd Edition) Summary by Barbara Ng

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The Blanket Exercise (3rd Edition)by Barbara Ng  The resource I picked for our presentation was the Blanket Exercise (3rd edition). It is an interactive activity where, with the exception of the narrator and two Europeans, all participants represent Indigenous peoples of Canada. The participants move across blankets on the floor. The blankets on the floor represent Canada before the arrival of European explorers and settlers. A narrator reads a script tracing the history between Indigenous nations and European explorers and settlers. The script ends with very few participants remaining on…read more


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