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The Elders Are Watching- Summary by Aaron Singh

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Bouchard, D., & Vickers, R. (1993). The Elders Are Watching. Tofino, BC: Eagle Dancer Enterprises LTD. “The Elders are Watching” is a beautifully crafted book with amazing artistry and  very captivating messages about taking care of the land on which we reside. Unfortunately our group did not have enough time in our presentation to use this resource, however we found it to be very enlightening and thought provoking in regards to Indigenous knowledges and how they are passed down from generation to generation. This book is a collaboration between writer…read more


The Story of Black Coyote Video Clip by Christine Ehrlich-Brady

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Description of the Resource The resource I chose is a two minute videoclip about Black Coyote. This video clip depicts the story of Black Coyote, told in American Sign Language by Ethan Bolton, a Deaf student at the British Columbia School for the Deaf. Ethan is a member of the Gitxaala clan, Tsmshian Nation in northwestern, B.C. He used this story for a public speaking contest hosted by a school in Massachusetts in which he came in first place.   I chose this video because I wanted to share an historical…read more


Critical Assessment of “Nokum is my Teacher”- Summary by Rakshin Saroha

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Description and Rationale: Bouchard, David (2007) Nokum is my Teacher. Markham: Red Deer Press This resource is a storybook format conversation between a young boy and hisgrandmother accompanied with beautiful paintings by Allen Sapp. This bilingual story is written in English and Cree side by side on the same page. The book addresses issues of identity, relevance of institutional education to Aboriginal children, and intergenerational learning through poetic dialogue between a boy and his Nokum. The book also contains an audio CD with reading in English and Cree. The CD…read more


Aboriginal Elders: A Grade 12 Unit Lesson Plan-Reviewed by Patti Alison

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My resource for our Common Bowl, that links to our topic of Elders and Intergenerational Learning, is “Aboriginal Elders: A Grade 12 Unit Lesson Plan” authored by Shelley Janvier and Erica Mohan (Janvier & Mohan). The Unit Plan was designed in 2003 by an EDST 565 class at the University of British Columbia. This resource focuses on the inclusion of Elders into the Grade 12 curriculum because as the authors state students will learn about the roles of Elders in Aboriginal communities and “learn that Elders are sources of knowledge…read more


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