Saytk'ilhl Wo'osim'

Strong Readers Guided Reading Series- Summary by Jessica Welder

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Description and Rationale The resource I selected to share in our classes Saytk’ih Woo’osim is the Strong Readers Guided Reading Series. The series of guided reading books includes a set consisting of 40 titles in levels 1-10, a set of 40 books leveled 11-20, and has just recently added two new series, a northern series and a Métis series, consisting of 8 books each. These readers are targeted to support the literacy development of all children. The series developer, content editor, and author of many titles, Terri Mack of the…read more


Aboriginal Elders: A Grade 12 Unit Lesson Plan-Reviewed by Patti Alison

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My resource for our Common Bowl, that links to our topic of Elders and Intergenerational Learning, is “Aboriginal Elders: A Grade 12 Unit Lesson Plan” authored by Shelley Janvier and Erica Mohan (Janvier & Mohan). The Unit Plan was designed in 2003 by an EDST 565 class at the University of British Columbia. This resource focuses on the inclusion of Elders into the Grade 12 curriculum because as the authors state students will learn about the roles of Elders in Aboriginal communities and “learn that Elders are sources of knowledge…read more


Teaching for Indigenous Education Website- Summary by Mickey Borason

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The resource I chose for our common bowl was the Teaching for Indigenous Education Website located at It is a digital online resource that promotes the implementation and importance of Indigenous knowledge and pedagogies in our current school curriculum and encourages educators to enhance the classroom learning experience for not just our Aboriginal students, but for all learners. The creation and development of this website is a collaborative effort of both scholars and graduate students from the Faculty of Education at UBC, as well as support from the Teaching…read more


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