Planning for Movements


For students and/or alumni, UBC offers fantastic resources online and in person. To get the most of these resources, go to the Career Centre in Brock Hall and have a face-to-face discussion with an advisor to learn the many ways that they can support you as you identify your career goals and find employment.

Vancouver Public Library has several valuable online resources for students who are exploring careers and actively looking for a job.

WorkBC has comprehensive job listings.

The Government of Canada has the National Occupational Classification that lists skills and knowledge associated with specific jobs. This can help you learn how to translate your existing skill set into the kind of words that employers are looking for.

A REALLY COOL program is the Post Secondary Youth Internship Program, offered through the YMCA. This program subsidizes your wages (so you are a less risky hire), and provides help to you as you look for a job in the form of mentorship and actual help finding employment.


Sometimes students want to develop a specific skill to help make them more competitive on the job market. While our students already have a wealth of skills when they graduate, there are ways to build up a specific skill that is free through the Vancouver Public Library. Lynda is an online education database that offers over 5,000 video courses — you can learn how to use Photoshop, code webpages, or even finally become proficient in Excel.


Community Organizations and Nonprofit Sector

Many of our students and alumni want to work with community groups, in the social services sector, and with nonprofit organizations. The Vancouver Public Library developed an excellent guide available here.