Partners in Practice

Students who have completed their 300-level advanced research methods training (i.e. Soci 380, 381, 382, 383, 384) can apply to participate in a small-groups research project under the direction of Professor Kerry Greer. In small groups (4-6) students partner with a local community organization and complete a community-based research project. Past student groups have applied for small grants from the Centre of Community Engaged Learning to pay costs associated with the research. This Community-Based Participatory Research is student directed, with Professor Greer providing ongoing support and oversight. Please note: this is an unpaid research experience.

Students will attend 2 workshops geared toward training them in Community Based Participatory Research and the research method that the project requires. Students should expect to commit approximately 5 hours per week from mid-January through mid-March to this project.

UPDATE: This year students are invited to work on a project with UBC Bike Kitchen. The Bike Kitchen would like to know “How effective their current programming (Women + Queer Night, LGBTQ2I Night) is at welcoming and empowering people in the Bike Kitchen space?” Up to five students will be selected to work as a team and employ basic community based participatory research framework and sociological research methods to answer this question. To indicate your interest in participating in this research project, send an unofficial transcript and short explanation of interest to Kerry Greer ( by January 15th.