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Lourdes Flores Corrects Woodman

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According to business newspaper, Lourdes Flores corrected her vice presidential running mate, Arturo Woodman, who said the struggle against corruption is not one of his priorities.

“Lourdes Flores: Algunos candidatos no tienen capacidad para gobernar,”
January 10, 2006, p. 10.

“Lourdes Flores decidió aclarar ayer cuál es la posición de Unidad Nacional (UN) sobre la lucha contra la corrupción, luego que su candidato a la primera vicepresidencia, Arturo Woodman, indicara que éste no es un punto primordial en su agenda. La candidata presidencial manifestó, en este sentido, que no existen dudas de que todos los actors del pasado deberán ser jusgados con total objectividad.”
In a posting on December 30, I argued that Flores had three choices: “She could drop Woodman like a hot potato, but this would make her look vulnerable and weak. She could mount a spirited defense of Woodman, but this would only draw more attention to the issue (“no, I disagree with Woodman’s views on corruption” is not an easy position to defend). Or she can ignore the problem and hope it goes away.” The decision to distance herself from Woodman’s views on corruption is probably the best choice.

Written by Michael Ha

January 10th, 2006 at 4:54 pm

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