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Here is the latest seat count, courtesy of Rici: Download file
Thanks, Rici!

Rici also offers the following observations:

Here’s the results, updated as of today. I’m expecting that UN will continue to advance, and it is not far from a ninth seat. It is also still quite unclear which (if either) of the minor parties will reach the threshold. Both of them are within a few hundred votes of another seat in Lima. So the Lima results are generally susceptible to change. If I were forced to make a hard prediction it would be: UN 9, AF 8, Apra 7, UPP 6, FC 3, PP 2.
Most of the other districts should be stable, although there are quite a few actas which need to be revised by the JEEs, and so we won’t have definitive figures for at least another couple of weeks, I would guess. The ones which are most likely to change (or least likely to remain the same) are:
Callao: There is an off-chance that AF will pick up enough votes to take the second seat away from Apra.
Madre de Dios: If RN doesn’t make the threshold, the seat will go to UPP. It’s just barely possible that that will happen anyway, but they’re far enough apart that I don’t think so.
Loreto: RN thinks it can win a seat there. I’m less certain, but things could change as the revisions come in. If it won a seat, it would probably be from Apra.
Piura: AF could conceivable gain a seat (from Apra).
I believe that PP will make the threshold, but RN seems to be drifting away from it. The last few actas from Lima should tell the complete story; if they do well enough to get two seats in Lima, they will probably also make the threshold. It must be a real nail-biter for them.

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April 19th, 2006 at 11:37 am

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