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Are other members of Peru’s congress involved in Elsa Canchaya-style fraud? Here is a report from Living in Peru on yet another revelation by Cuarto Poder. In Comment is free I noted that: “Word has it that Canchay was exposed by a competitor within her party’s ranks, who tipped off the media. There may be a complex chess game going on behind the scenes. Another rumor is that numerous advisors were quickly ‘cashiered’ when this case came to light. We can be pretty sure Canchay is not the only member of congress with her nose in the trough.”
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Another scandal hits Peru’s Congress
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(LIP-jl) — A Peruvian television news program uncovered yet another payroll scandal involving one of Peru’s parliamentary members. This time Peruvian congressman Walter Menchola, from Peru’s National Solidarity political party (Solidaridad Nacional -SN), is in the eye of another political storm.
Menchola is accused of helping a young college student, Karen Ku, land a job within the Peruvian congress, for which she received a monthly pay check, without working in her position.

Additionally, Peruvian television news program Cuatro Poder alleges Ku’s father and brother had access to government SUVs owned by the Municipal Administration of Tolls Company of Lima (Empresa Municipal Administradora de Peajes de Lima -Emape), which is directed by current Lima mayor and SN party leader, Luis Castañeda.
According to the allegations, Ku was on the government’s payroll as Menchola’s assistant. Later, after Menchola approved Ku’s promotion to a higher position, he helped transfer her to a position under fellow party congressman Martin Perez.
Soon after Peruvian congresswoman Elsa Canchaya was discovered to have hired her maid as her political adviser (for which Canchaya has since been suspended), Ku stopped working in the Peruvian congress.
The report also reported that Menchola orchestrated Ku’s candidacy and election as a municipal official for the district of San Juan de Lurigancho.
According to Felipe Cortijo, campaign manager for Peru’s Popular Christian Party (Partido Popular Cristiano -PPC), it was rumored that there was a sentimental relationship between Ku and Menchola.
The report also revealed that Menchola and Ku traveled to Brazil and Colombia on the same dates.
Responding to Cuarto Poder’s report, Ku denied any irregularities regarding her employment at the Peruvian congress or that her family used government SUVs for their own use. She also denied traveling anywhere with congressman Menchola.
Despite Ku’s denials, Cuarto Poder says it has more than enough evidence which proves all of its claims.

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