Tree at Mt. Buffalo, Victoria, Australia. Dec. 2012. By Christina Hendricks, licensed CC-BY 4.0


Welcome to the course web page for PHIL 230 at UBC-Vancouver with Christina Hendricks.

Course description:

This course will focus on three types of moral theories: virtue ethics, consequentialism and deontology. We will read historical (e.g., Aristotle, Mill and Kant) and contemporary texts on all of these theories. There will also be discussion of the ethics of care and moral relativism. Assessment will be based largely on writing assignments, including blog posts, essays (for which you will give and receive peer feedback), and exams with essay questions.

Course syllabus: please see drop-down menu under “info,” above. Or click here.

Contact info for Christina:

Philosophy office: BUCH E375
604-822-2520 (please leave message here if calling)

Arts One office: IBLC 372

Office hours: Wed, 4-5pm (BUCH E375); Fri, 2-2:50pm (sometimes can go to 3) (IBLC 372)

Email: see syllabus, under drop-down menu, under “Info”

Twitter: @chendricksUBC

Course hashtag on Twitter (if you want to use it; entirely optional): #phil230UBC

Christina’s blog:

Christina’s website:

All content on this site, with the exception of any blog posts written by students, is licensed CC-BY 4.0, Christina Hendricks.

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