Collaborative document on guidelines for discussion

I have been meaning to do this in my courses, and keep forgetting! I think it would be a good idea, to try to avoid potential problems, to group author a document with advice, suggestions, and things not to do when engaging in discussions about philosophical issues. It’s not that I’ve seen any problems in our class, it’s rather a preventative measure!

I’ve started such a document, here:

Please add anything you think is missing, or write comments off to the side or underneath any that you have comments about. To write comments off to the side, go to “insert” on the top menu and click “comment.” I think you may not be anonymous if you do that. If not, and you want to be anonymous, write a comment underneath one of the guidelines, perhaps in a different colour to distinguish the comments from the suggested guidelines.

I have added one I have in my own mind so far, and several from another website that I think are very useful.

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