Moral Relativism Schedule

Thurs., Sept. 4

Intro to the class


Tues., Sept. 9

1. Internet Encyclopedia of Ethics, entry on Moral Relativism:

  • Read the Intro, plus sections 2a-2b, 2f-2g, 3a-3b, 3d, 4a-4d, 4g (skip 2c-2e, 3c, 4e-4f)


Optional:  listen to one or both of the following podcasts on moral relativism from the Philosophy Bites podcast series


Thurs., Sept. 11

Meet in a new room! We have a new room for the rest of the term: Macmillan 166 (towards the South end of Main Mall). It’s at least a bit closer to the Arts end of campus than the Pharmacy room was.


1. Continue discussion of reading for Sept. 9

2. Wolf, Susan. “Two Levels of Pluralism.” Ethics 102.4  (July 1992):  785-798. On JSTOR:



White, Alan. “One Way to be a Moral Relativist.” Teaching Ethics 14.2  (Spring 2014): 91-103.

This reading can be found on a password-protected page on this site, due to copyright rules:


Tuesday, Sept. 16

1. Continue discussion of Wolf’s article




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