Why efolios?

The efolio process encourages you, as a teacher candidate, to carefully consider and achieve your educational goals.

You also benefit by:

  • sharing examples of work with advisers, colleagues, faculty, mentors or potential employers
  • mastering valuable technology skills
  • demonstrating knowledge, skills and attributes gained in coursework, on practicum and beyond the classroom

The efolio process also encourages you as a teacher candidate to:

  • look back
  • look around, and
  • look ahead

It is through these process that you reflect upon and articulate recent accomplishments and goals. Such reflection should also help you identify evidence that directly demonstrates:

  • what you know
  • what you can do, and
  • what you value as a teacher

The WordPress efolio platform allows you to use social and professional online networking options. As a blog, your efolio encourages comment and response. It also enables colleagues and potential employers to view your qualifications prior to an interview.

Take advantage of this powerful opportunity to display your professionalism and technological talents!

Such a public forum also raises questions concerning what is and is not appropriate to share. How much personal information do we include? Does open self-reflection make us vulnerable to criticism? As professionals, we must be conscientious about what we share. Your ethical perspectives will be evident through your use of the security measures built into the efolio program.

Despite these publishing concerns, the benefits of making efolios public are numerous. Not only is the acquisition of technological skill advantageous (Hewett, 2004), but we benefit from the ongoing feedback from our colleagues (Pecheon, Pigg, Chung, & Souviney, 2005), both as formative and summative products.