STEP 5: Summarizing

Restating main points

Objectives for your efolio often emerge from theoretical and pragmatic consideration of the following questions:

  • What is a professional teaching¬†portfolio?
  • What is the purpose for creating my professional teaching portfolio?
  • Who will be the audience(s) for my professional teaching portfolio?
  • What will I collect as samples?
  • How will I select and organize the samples?
  • How will I incorporate reflection?
  • How will I share my ePortfolio?
  • How will my efolio be assessed?

Answering many of these questing in a efolio summary statement (or in summary statements throughout your efolio) helps readers and viewers synthesize and comprehend your overall growth as an educator and learner.

Your efolio is a living, evolving record of your professional growth, your educational beliefs, enacted, and your developing pedagogical understandings and skills. Eventually, you will want to replace some of the artifacts as you feel newer examples represent you better. You will choose to retain others, to demonstrate your growth and flexibility.

If you decide to enroll in graduate studies, your efolio may serve as evidence of your qualifications, and eventually, it will reflect your own educational transformation through further study.

Enjoy the process!

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