Teaching Team

Instructor: Dr. Catherine Rawn

www.psych.ubc.ca/~cdrawn, Twitter @cdrawn

Office: Kenny Psychology Building, Room 2523. Drop-in office hours: Tuesdays 2-3, Wednesdays 1-2, Fridays 3-4. Exceptions: January 27-29, and Reading Break. Some appointments may be available.

Email: cdrawn[at]psych.ubc.ca. Please note that I much prefer to meet with you in person than to receive an email. It helps me get to know you as a person, and in most cases, it is easier for me to help you in person than over email. And most of the time it will be faster than waiting for me to respond. Another option: post your question to Piazza to gather feedback from classmates and our TAs.

In this course more than most others, I view myself as a designer of learning experiences. I see no reason to lecture in this course. Instead, I have designed a series of learning experiences intended to guide deep learning and engagement with the subject matter and with each other. Please see my website for more information about me, including my teaching statement, student evaluations, and musings through the years.

Teaching Assistants

Natasha Pestonji

Web: http://memcoglab.psych.ubc.ca/

Office and office hour: 3208 Kenny, By appointment during exam period

Email: natasha.pestonji@psych.ubc.ca

Other info: 3rd-year PhD student in Cognitive Science. Always happy to discuss anything about this course, my research areas (unconscious decision-making), and grad school life. Born in Pakistan, raised in Hong Kong and the GTA. Loves the ocean, the mountains, being crafty, doing crosswords, and discovering the best places to eat in the city.

Meagan Auger


Office and office hour: Kenny 3506,  Tuesdays3:30-4:30

Email: meagan.auger@psych.ubc.ca

Other info: 4th year PhD in Neuroscience.

Tianyou Qiu

Web: www.pebl.org

Office and office hour: Kenny 3110, Thursdays 12.00-1.00

Email: tianyouq@psych.ubc.ca

Other info: