What You Can Expect From Us

Be available.

We are here to help you in your choice to succeed. Visiting us in person is typically more effective than email for clearing up questions. If you email us a question that would be useful for classmates, we will invite you to post your question to Piazza, where we and classmates can answer it.

Post some materials online.

Some supporting materials such as PowerPoint slides (if applicable) will be posted in the schedule under the corresponding week.

Take Photographs.

To help document active learning, I may take some photographs throughout the term. Please see me within the first few weeks of class if you have serious concerns about this.

Arrange for and provide feedback.

Your peers will be an important source of feedback throughout this course. In addition, we will attempt to provide you with feedback as promptly and with as much detail as possible.

Act respectfully and ethically.

At all times, we aim to treat each of you with respect, and to make all course decisions with the highest standard of ethics in mind. If you feel you are being treated unfairly or disrespected by us or a classmate, we invite you to talk to us so we can sort out the issue together. To be clear: such a discussion would not impact your grade.

Consider re-grade requests.

If you feel very strongly that any of your work was graded unfairly, please submit the Re-grade Request Form available here. You must submit the form within 2 weeks of the date you received your grades. I will consider your request carefully and will respond via email in approximately one week of receiving it. Re-grading may result in an increase or decrease. That re-grade is final.