What We Expect From You

Attend class prepared and ready to participate.

Please come to every class prepared, having posted on Piazza, and ready to discuss readings or engage in the day’s activities. Bring a computer or tablet to use for discussion and investigating resources. If you must miss class, you are responsible for making up missed work.

Complete assignments on time.

A deduction of 10% per day late will apply to all assignment submissions and reviews. You will be responsible for submitting your work on time to whomever needs to evaluate it. Extensions will be granted in extenuating circumstances with documentation, but you will still be expected to submit the work as soon as possible.

Treat others respectfully.

You are expected to treat all your classmates, the teaching team, and yourself with respect at all times, both in and out of the classroom, face-to-face and in writing (e.g., on email). This includes arriving to class on time and minimizing distractions for other students.

Act ethically.

You are responsible for your own learning. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated, including copying others’ work. See the section on Ethical Conduct for more information.

Write the final exam.

Presence at the final exam is mandatory. If you absolutely must miss the final exam due to an extenuating circumstance like severe illness, you must apply for Academic Concession by contacting your Faculty’s Advising Office (e.g., Arts Advising through the Centre for Arts Student Services). If you have 3 or more exams scheduled to start and finish within a 24 hour period you may request to write the second exam on a different day. However, you must give the instructor of the second exam one month notice.

Use electronics in the classroom responsibly.

I encourage you to use electronic devices in the classroom to support learning — not distract from it. Choose wisely.

Share constructive feedback.

We invite you to share your ideas and suggestions with us, particularly about things we are able to change, and be open to working together to make this course a positive experience for all of us. If suggested changes involve aspects of the syllabus, we will follow democratic process of majority vote. Whenever possible we will explore options that will meet the needs of everyone.