To Access Course Content

  1. This website will be your primary source for any content or support materials to be posted by the Teaching Team. Due to Copyright issues, some material may be posted on Connect ( These exceptions will be specified in class and in the Schedule section as they arise.
  2. Journal Articles will form the majority of the reading list for this course. To find and access the articles for free, you will need to become proficient in using the UBC library and GoogleScholar. If you will be accessing material off campus, please follow these instructions for connecting to the library resources. If you have trouble with finding the required articles, please ask your peers in person or on Piazza, visit a member of the Teaching Team, or see a librarian.
  3. Readings will include many chapters from Alfred Hermida’s book called Tell Everyone. He’s a journalism professor here at UBC, and his popular-press style book provides an accessible introduction and synthesis of many issues we will be exploring. I highly recommend reading the whole book. Particular chapters will be assigned on the Schedule.

Hermida, A. (2014). Tell everyone: Why we share and why it matters. Doubleday Canada.

It is available for purchase from the UBC Bookstore, other booksellers, or as an e-book (links to various formats here).