Final Exam

Earn 35% of your grade by completing a final exam, including a peer-assessment and self-assessment. At this time, the plan for the final exam is described below, but is subject to change. Expectations will be confirmed by the end of classes. Evaluates Learning Goals #1, #3, and #6.

UPDATE 15 April 2016: Please visit for details that elaborate on the questions below (that you’ve had as a starter all term), including the points breakdown.

  1. A few articles will be assigned to read in advance as preparation. Two of them will be featured on the final exam. Your Task: link the results and theory from these articles to one of the course themes, and use the results from these studies to explain/understand/interrogate an event you’ve witnessed in social media.
  2. Articulate a comprehensive model of the self, and use it to evaluate your own social media engagement before and after this course. In what way(s) might the experiences in this course have implications for your future life?
  3. Using a rubric provided, evaluate your own and a random peer’s final exam.

Your grade is a combination of sources. All term long, you will have received practice in peer- and self-assessments. As one final test of this skill, you will be asked to evaluate your own final exam, as well as one random peers’ final exam. The quality of your peer- and self-assessments, as judged by our TA, will comprise 10% a portion of your final exam grade. The grade on your final exam (worth 25%) will reflect a combination of your peer’s assessment, your self-assessment, and–especially–our TA’s assessment of your work. (Note the departmental grading policy here.)