Learning Goals

A year after this course is over, I want and hope that you will…

  1. remember and use a comprehensive model of the Self to critically evaluate your own and others’ engagement in social media.
  2. notice anecdotes and personal experiences in social media as triggers of inquiry, followed by seeking, synthesizing, and identifying gaps in empirical and theoretical scholarly literature to help understand them.
  3. analyze social media data to identify psychological phenomena, and attempt to explain your findings using relevant and current psychological research and theory.
  4. use social media deliberately to effect positive change in your own life and perhaps a larger community, and attempt to measure the impact of your actions.
  5. effectively engage in a scholarly community of inquiry in various ways, including face-to-face and using tools of social media.
  6. develop the skill and willingness to critically evaluate your own and others’ ideas and the manner in which they are presented.