Portfolio Workshop Questions

I hope everyone learned as much as I did at the portfolio presentation by Natasha and Sharon. On this page, I’ll upload information about portfolios and eportfolios. If you have related questions, please feel free to post them.

Three questions came up today:

  1. “Do I need to go by or refer to ‘standards’ set by TQS in creating my portfolio?” The answer, from John Yamamoto is definitive “No. The standards may definitely help, but the students in no way have to frame their e-portfolio around them, as they did in the past.”
  2. “Is there a form TC’s can use to get permission from students/parents to use their images or work in their ePortfolios?” The answer, again from John, “we usually provide a copy of the media release form in all TC practicum folders, so that they sign off on this immediately.  As Sharon mentioned though, this form only indicates that any images/video taken by the TC are for exclusive use in their (E) portfolio; it does not necessarily give them permission to take said photos/video – for that the TC needs to make sure that they follow school/district protocols.” And from me (YD): Be sure to read the fine print of district media releases… does it allow for off-site use? I know that, in some schools and districts, individual TC’s can send out a permission form to students tailored to meet their particular needs for the eP- with permission from school Admin. (YD)
  3. Can we have a copy of the powerpoint presentation? “YES” – it’s already posted to your secondary blogs page!  https://blogs.ubc.ca/jyamamoto/




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