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This week in the Scarfe Sandbox we explored some iPad apps that can support formative assessment (among other things). I frequently offer students the opportunity to share their learning using one of the ‘whiteboard’ style applications such as ‘Explain Everything’ or ‘Showme’.

These apps allow students to create content on the iPad (rather than just ‘consuming’). Students are able to draw, text, upload images and narrate. This can provide the perfect platform for teachers to have the opportunity to recognize understandings and to catch misunderstandings.

Another opportunity to help a student construct and share their understanding might be a concept map. Mind mapping, or concept mapping, can be a powerful tool where students are encouraged to illustrate the connections between their ideas, concepts or content in meaningful ways.

“A concept map is a type of graphic organizer used to help students organize and represent knowledge of a subject. Concept maps begin with a main idea (or concept) and then branch out to show how that main idea can be broken down into specific topics”.¬† There are some excellent tutorials on this site and information for teachers about the ‘concept’ of ‘concept mapping’

Try: Inspiration or Kidspiration  as iPad apps

*Many schools also have licensing for this application on their computers or laptops.

Digital Storytelling is another excellent use of the iPad for content creation… try Puppet pals, Showme or imovie (among others!)

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