Creating Your Own Trailers to use as Hooks

Now that you’ve learned a bit about hooks, you might be interested in creating a TEASe. Also known as a Technology Enhanced Anticipatory Set, the purpose of a TEASe is to introduce and stimulate student interest on a topic. Although you can find a number of TEASes made by other teachers, it can be fun to be a little more involved and hands-on. Regardless of your skill level, there are a number of user-friendly programs available at your fingertips. Remember, budget your time wisely. Consider if the value of the end product is worth the amount of time you spend.

Here are a few note-worthy programs:

  • Animoto (Android and iOS)
  • iMovie (Use the trailers feature)
  • Videolicious (iOS only)
  • Windows Movie Maker

If you would like to use one of these programs but don’t have access to them, you are free to use the computers in both the Mac and Windows labs (Scarfe 1006 and 1007). If you would like access to iPads, let Jenny know and she will provide access.


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