E-books in the Classroom

E-books, or electronic books, are being increasingly common in the classroom across all grade levels. Slowly but surely, e-books are becoming more popular and are starting to replace some physical books. Particularly in higher education, e-books are a cost-effective option for students to purchase, not to mention that they are significantly lighter in weight. One reason why e-books are extremely popular is its ability to transport a large collection anywhere and everywhere. E-books can be read on mobile devices, dedicated e-readers, or on the computer. As a result, e-books can be more cost effective than print publication (Felvegi and Matthew, 2012).

They can be found in increasing numbers of school libraries and classrooms where they are not only enhancing teaching and learning; they are also profoundly changing the signature pedagogy of reading literacy instruction (Felvegi and Matthew, 2012).

The transportability of e-books means that the learning experience can extend beyond the classroom. According to Vaala, years of research have illustrated a relationship between reading at home and children’s literacy skill development.


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