Student Response Systems

A Student Response System is a wireless response system that allows individuals to request information and for students to respond by using a “clicker” or hand-held response pad to send his or her information to a receiver (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, n.d.). Some of these Student Response Systems include iClickers, Socrative, PollEverywhere, and Padlet.

One noteworthy SRS is Plickers. As described on their website, “Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices”. All you simply have to do is download the free app on your iOS or Andriod device and print the cards on their website. This is a nice way of doing formative assessment using new technologies without the costs associated with introducing devices (such as iClickers).

To use Plickers, teachers would simply create the multiple choice questions on their free account. To use the Plicker cards in class, each student holds up their card. Each side of the card corresponds to A, B, C, and D. The teacher holds their phone up and scans it across the class.

Check out this YouTube video to see how it works:

For information about other Student Response Systems, check out the new Apps & Programs page.



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