Take a Break and Make!

Visit our ‘pop up’ mini-makerspace in Scarfe 155  this week and next (Tuesday and Wednesday at noon) for some Squishy Circuit hands-on inquiry. Explore ways to bring hands-on learning to your clasquishycarssroom through activities that spark imagination through playful exploration and invention. This activity is particularly relevant to Science learning but, I believe (and research agrees with me), that making and tinkering can support cross-curricular learning! Come explore, share and learn.


“Although the practice of planning and carrying out investigations has always been a part of good science instruction, the student focus often has been more on carrying out than on planning, with teacher-structured investigations far outnumbering student opportunities to develop their own research questions. Giving students opportunities to design and plan investigations allows them to truly experience the excitement of science and better understand the nature of scientific inquiry.” (Science Teacher, an NSTA publication) http://nstacommunities.org/blog/2014/02/14/planning-and-carrying-out-investigations/

Squishy Circuits Guide – University of St. Thomas


See also MIT’s Soft Circuits Guide – FABRIC circuits!!

A sample lesson plan…

or, be a little more inquiry oriented in your exploration. See Lynda’s blog for some ideas!

Request a planning guide to support creating a MakerSpace in your school (geared to secondary ed)




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