Welcome to the Scarfe Digital Sandbox. Participate in this blog or tweet #pltech to share and explore Educational Technologies. Be sure to visit often. Visit IN-PERSON – Scarfe Digital Sandbox Sessions in Room 155 (Library Computing Commons).

  • Winter 2015: every Tuesday and Wednesday – 12-1:30pm.

Visit our calendar and view current and past session topics and download handouts.

Post your feedback; Share your understandings and knowledge with the community!

Email topic suggestions to Yvonne, Tech Facilitator and Adjunct Teaching Professor: yvonne.dawydiak@ubc.ca

Connect with Jo-Anne Naslund, our Education Librarian: joanne.naslund@ubc.ca

Drop in and PLAY! Header image CC-BY-1.0 via Pixabay

6 Responses to Welcome

  1. Wendy Carr says:

    It’s so great that you are inviting us all to “play” with integrating technology into our teaching and learning. It’s the right thing at the right time!!

  2. sandbox says:

    Thanks Wendy. It’s exciting to be a part of the Year of Teacher Education at UBC! I hope everyone is following #YTEUBC on Twitter… there are so many relevant tweets, references and links… not to mention just plain fun!

  3. Nirmal Bawa says:

    Re the conversations that took place today…..I agree with the idea of having two parts in the learning curve….workshops re simply learning about the technological possibilities, then followed by specific subject related workshops.

  4. Terrific suggestion Nirmal. We’ll keep you posted on the schedule and will definitely look to scaffold the learning opportunities.

  5. Brittney says:

    Sandbox sessions are fantastic! They are a great opportunity to learn new and fun ways to integrate and incorporate technology into our classrooms. I love all the tutorials about the educational websites and cloud based opportunities available. I have already made some class tutorials for our class’ blog, some great presentations, and even a hook for a class by making a mini trailer. Because of the sandbox sessions, I was inspired to go to the CUEBC professional development workshop. And it was amazing. I am looking forward to investigating some of the websites and apps that were presented during the lunch time tech support offered through the sandbox program.

  6. Thank you Brittney. It’s terrific to see TC’s taking their learning into practicum in such authentic and engaging ways. Thank you also for sending samples of some of the work you’re doing. We’re looking forward to sharing in your learning some more this year!

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