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Somebody done someblog wrong song

August 4th, 2010 · No Comments

It’s me, my blog. I’ve done you wrong. And in so doing, I’ve left myself in a bit of a lurch as well. Natural consequences. I’ll “come down from my lurch with an unpleasant bump” but apparently this is all part of going places (Suess, 1990), so I remain optimistic.

To my snoopers, well, first off, “Welcome,” now let me share with you. If you are a fellow METer, take heed. When we have a blog, we should blog. If you don’t blog, then what are you doing with a blog??

This is not a repository, and this is where I owe my blog an apology. I have treated you, my blog, as such. I have come to you in my times of need to drop off or build an assignment, spend some time looking around to admire my creation that really has a lot to do with the people behind the scenes at WordPress who actually know html beyond 5 handy tags and have created such a device that I can see my own words recorded and published for public consumption at the click of a mouse. I have allowed my interaction with you to be prescribed. Had I not, but rather taken advantage of your ready and willing pages, I would now, as I reflect on an as-of-yet empty synthesis and course site page, have a plethora of notes, a record of my tracks… rather than the abyss of my mind, rank with memories that echo with “hey, you should remember to put this in your (synthesis/course site) page!” rather than the concrete ah-HA-or-arrg-moment-that-inspired-such-a-thought recorded for all cyber-eternity here with you, in my blog.

The beauty – tragic beauty – is that my learning is not yet done. As we come to the close of another semester, I can rest knowing that I have learned. I’d like to think that for future courses, I will extend my blogging opportunity beyond the required. The potential here to become my new notebook is newly realized. This, of course, is with caution. I do recognize that not all my notes or thoughts are blog-worthy – this one even is questioned as I write – but here my stories can come and develop, and join the larger community of knowledge for consumption by those who so choose and be open to further development. Then, with my increasing loyalty to you, my blog, that development of know-how and know-what can also become mine.

And so my e-portfolio can begin to become a Portfolio. I can choose that which I would like to display as featured work, but so too can I leave a bit of myself, as reflection of my learning beyond the prescribed, beyond the assignment. In a post, I can reflect not how the assignments and work display themselves, but rather how their synthesis has inspired, molded and changed…me. And so, I learn. And so I shall blog… more.


Butler, L. and Moman, C.  (1975). (Hey won’t you play) Another somebody done somebody wrong song.  Performed by B.J. Thomas; ABC Records.

Suess, Dr. (1990). Oh the places you’ll go. Random House; NewYork.

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