Hello my Blog followers,

I don’t think you exist, but w/e….I am fine talking to myself.

I don’t really have anything in particular to blog about so this will be an unepic stream of thought.

Thinking about it, I have nothing to write about that is appropriate for someone my age…It is halloween after all.

Everyone be safe, eat a lot of candy and have a great night!


I hate Hobbes (pt 2)

I still want to write “That is all” and let it go, but I don’t think I would be allowed to, so I will now attempt to formulate some sort of stream of thought.

I thought Crawford did a great lecture. It clarified things and he was able to (somewhat) pinpoint what  Hobbes was trying to say. But I am sorry, HE IS NOT GOD. The very thought of him “recreating” the bible makes me cringe (and yes I am catholic, but not super devout) He is just some old, sad, british, fart who had a few ideas and seemed to be slightly OCD/ADHD (not insulting anyone who is actually that) You know people have deep rooted issues when they try and knock down all of the built bases of society….JUST STFU Hobbes.

Another issue I took with “Leviathan” is the awesome title it has and the fail of a book inside of it. The word Leviathan is so power, it just rolls off the tongue and I think of an epic tale not some boring dissertation about government….So in a sense, it does fool the reader into getting the book (nice marketing Hobbes)

Also, what is up with all of the god damn definitions. On one hand it was nice reading them cause they were quick and filled up a huge potion of the pages but i didn’t sign up for Arts One and paid a grand to read an encyclopedia.

I can’t write any more because even thinking about the book is making me mad. I try and have an open mind, but really, I don’t. I dislike philosophy thoroughly!!!!!!!! (sorry Christina) Sometimes you have too just enjoy things and not over analyse things or else your life ends awfully.\


Cause we all want to know why they are all naked.

Ok so first off I will say I know this isn’t my week to blog but since I am stuck doing one about Hobbes so Imma do this one too.

If I didn’t make it clear during the lecture I want everyone to know that I LOVED THIS READING. I thought it was clearly the best choice so far…sorry Judith…and really kept me involved in the story.

I also felt like i kinda bossed the lecture cause I finally was able to speak my opinion without inferring a sexual relationship between myself and pastries. I found it interesting when someone said that they found part 1 harder than part 2, whereas I had a complete opposite reaction. I found the section with Margarita slightly boring and not gripping whereas “book 1” was just spectacular.

My favorite element was the Pontius part and I wish that had been extended slightly, but c’est la vie! also i was hoping that Hopeless was going to be a larger character.

Now to the nakedness…even I will be WTF…maybe my thought about the women representing Eve (thus Woland needing them was right) – I may be a genius there! but still it made no sense, it was sorta objectifying woman and was shock for the sake of shock..although Natasha was beast!

That’s all imma say…

Hobbes is next..stay tuned for a rant


Faustus had it made…then he sold his soul to the devil.

Dear Readers (who exist?)

Today I will be discussing Christopher Marlowe’s most famous play Doctor Faustus.

I went into my reading being super excited about reading it. Marlowe is a contemporary of Shakespeare and as I said before: I LOVE SHAKESPEARE. When i finished reading it the first time I was left very much unsatisfied. There isn’t really any dramatic conflict in it. Sure he sells his soul to Lucifer and in the end is conflicted but it’s not like (until the last scene) he really tries to get un-damned.

I then had to look at it like a series of vignettes, which made it a bit more clear. Each act, and too an extent each scene is a different “episode” in the 25 years that Faustus is damned and therefore I am sure each has a lesson. Honestly, I have no clue what the lessons are but I am sure that they are there.

My favorite of these episodes is probably when he meets the seven deadly sins, how dope is that pageant, am i right? It would be so fun to play them and it’s interesting that Faustus never really verbalizes his sentiments to what he’s seeing. I wonder why that is?….If i say the deadly since materialize in front of me, you can bet your bottom dollar i’d have some things to say.

One part of the text which i find perplexing is the “subplot” if you can call it that. Why is Wagner the chorus? why does robin and the other guy exist…beside being somewhat funny they don’t add anything to the plot. Well it probably does, but i don’t see it. Also I wanted Helen of Troy to talk, she is legit JUST a pretty face in this.

Mephastophilis is my fav character. I want to play him! He is just kinda there the whole time and his line in his second scene when he references that he misses God and wants the purity back is so touching. Good job Marlowe in making a demon likeable.

I think it is an ok play and brave of an elizabethan playwright to write about selling your soul but it kinda left me wanting more