BIOL 112 – Biology of the Cell

Lots of

• Launchpad

• Go to class! I learned more in class than on my own for this course.

• Analogies

Tips for success

• You have to buy Launchpad to do the weekly pre reading assignments

• The weekly pre reading assignments are really short and easy. Do not stress about them

• Exams are first done individually and then done as a group.

• If you’re in Dr Smith’s class, clicker marks are participation based so don’t worry about getting them wrong.

• Important: Keep up with your pre readings.

• Even if you take notes on a computer, bring a pen because there are hand-in at the end of the lecture assignments.

• It’s hard to get a good seat. Come to class on time.

• There are unfortunately no old exams available to study from. Dr Smith does give you a mock exam though.

Suggested professor: Dr Karen Smith

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