PHYS 117 – Physics

Tips for success:

• You must bring an electronic device to class to answer in-class problems

• Perusall is due every Sunday night. You have to put online comments about the assigned

textbook reading and reply to classmates’ comments for marks. PRO TIP: if you have trouble coming up with questions, answer your classmates’ questions instead. Pro TIP: the diagrams are good places to ask questions.

• Mastering Physics are online problem sets that are due every week. Carve out time to work on these. Sometimes they can be challenging.

• • Yay there’s no lab for this class! (At least when I took this course Sept-Dec 2015). However, you have a test almost every week during tutorial.Weekly tests are not hard and help you keep up with material.

• Exams: you do the exam individually first and then you and three classmates do the exam

again together as a group. I enjoyed working in groups because I like sharing knowledge to

create a solution together.

• Learning Catalytics is PHYS 117’s answer to Clicker questions. A question is projected onto

the screen and you answer it. What I love is that we first answer ourselves and then we discuss

with the people around us and then answer again.

• Piazza is well-regulated by physics TAs and professors so you get good answers promptly!

• Office hours are both in person and online (Skype)

Lots of

• Collaborating with other students to learn! I love this!

• Online assignments & even online office hours

Suggested professors: Dr Simon Bates and Dr Carl Michael

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