CHEM 121 – Introductory Chemistry & Lab

How to get an A+

• Take notes in a notebook. I started the class taking notes on my CHIRP but realized that a notebook was easier to flip through.

• Buy the newest CHIRP (the custom textbook sold by the Undergraduate Chemistry society).

• Pro tip: buy an undergraduate chemistry society membership to get a discount on your lab goggles and lab coat.

• don’t do all the questions in the CHIRP. They’re not worth your time.

• Do the practice midterms.

• Don’t do the extremely old practice exams because the exam format has changed.

• If your learning style doesn’t click with your professor, sit in on another professor’s lectures whose teaching style suits you better.

• Do not stress too much about getting clicker questions wrong. Clicker questions are worth little in the grand scheme of things.

• If you’re having trouble understanding from CHIRP, use online resources.



• Do your pre lab at least the night before. The stress of doing the pre lab a hour before it is due is not fun

• Take pre lab quizzes seriously.

• Listen carefully to your TA’s suggestions on how to do your lab report.
• ERASABLE PENS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND. I wish someone told me to use them so I didn’t have to awkwardly cross things out. Chem labs are pen only so if you make mistakes, you’re not allowed to use whiteout. Game over friends.

• On that note, you must use black or blue pen. I love colourful pens but pink or orange or purple pens do not belong here.
I personnally used Pilot 0.5 mm but any erasable pens will do


Suggested professor: Dr Zachary Hudson

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