ENG 110 – English Literature

How to get a good grade:

• Actually do the assigned reading before class

• Take notes while you read.

• Buy a physical copy of the books you’re assigned. They typically cost less than $10

• Bring the book or print out the reading to bring to class so you can refer to it during discussion. You can bring a digital version.

• Do the extra reading on the genre, the author, what society was like and what world events were occurring when the piece was written.

• Speak in your discussion section 1) you get participation marks. 2) you force yourself to organize and vocalize your thoughts. 3) your TA will learn that you’re alive.

• Your professor will often not write or present any notes but you should take notes on what is being discussed.

• Take notes on good points that your classmates bring up.

• Start working on your final paper early

• Spend time working on a good thesis

• Choose a final paper topic that looks least boring to you. I know you think all the topics are awful but it gets better once you start refining your idea.

• Talk to your professor at office hours if you have questions.


Suggested professor: Dr Gisele Baxter, especially if you’re into Gothic!

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