Peer Recognition

Peer Recognition by Scholarly Profile (Selected)

Dennis Herschbach, Technology Education: Foundations and Perspectives (Homewood, IL: American Technical Publishers, 2009). *Petrina is profiled in the chapter titled “Critical and Postmodern Perspectives,” 203-224.

David Barlex, Ed., Design & Technology — for the Next Generation (London: Nuffield Foundation, 2007). *Petrina is profiled among 23 noted educators and philosophers of design & technology. Petrina’s chapter is titled “2020 Vision— On the Politics of Design and Technology.”

Barlex, D. (2002). Questioning the design and technology paradigm. Proceedings of the Design & Technology Association International Research Conference, London, 12-14 April, pp. 1-10.  * Barlex presents “a brief background to the questioning of the design and technology paradigm made by Andy Breckon before using the work of seven acknowledged experts in the field of design and technology education to scrutinise the validity and practicality of this questioning. The experts are David Layton, Richard Kimbell, Robert McCormick, Patricia Murphy, Mike Ive HMI, Malcolm Welch and Stephen Petrina.”

Daugherty, M. K. & Foster, P. (1996). Educators Address Modular Instruction. The Technology Teacher, 55(6), 27-29. *“This debate among four educators [Gene Gloeckner, Pat Hutchinson, Michael Jensen, Stephen Petrina] over the modular approach to technology education produces agreement that it reduces classroom management time, but not all think that is positive. There is agreement that it is an effective method, but disagreement over what purpose it is effective for.”

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