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NOTE: Links to articles and chapters are for UBC course packets.

Petrina, S. (2013). “Scientific Ammunition to Fire at Congress:” Intelligence, reparations and the US Army Air Forces, 1944-1947. Vulcan: International Journal of the Social History of Military Technology, 1(2).

Clark, P., Gleason, M. & Petrina, S. (2012). Preschools for science: The Child Study Centre at the University of British Columbia, 1960-1997. History of Education Quarterly, 52(1): 29-61. *Awarded the Canadian History of Education Association’s 2012 Founders’ Prize

Petrina, S. (2012). The New Critiquette and Old Scholactivism: A Petit Critique of Academic Manners, Managers, Matters, and Freedom. Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor20, 17-57.

See our Designerly Ways of Being, Knowing, Doing & Learning Symposium at the Technological Learning and Thinking: Culture, Design, Sustainability, Human Ingenuity conference.

Petrina, S., Feng, F., Gutica, M., Rusnak, PJ, Teja, F. & Wang, Y. (under review). Designerly ways of being, knowing, doing and learning. Special issue of International Journal of Technology and Design Education.

Petrina, S. & Feng, F. (under review). Making meaning and meaning making in technology. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 1-24.

Teja, F. & Petrina, S. (under review). Youth learning to design, build and program robots: A study of distributed cognition. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 1-28.

Rusnak, PJ, Petrina, S., Feng, F. & Wang, Y. (under review). Being@play. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 1-22.

Gutica, M. & Petrina, S. (under review). Emotional design: Perspectives of IT designers. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 1-29.

Wang, Y. & Petrina, S. (under review). Designing Chatbot Technologies: A Virtual Agent for Stimulating Adults’ Oral English Practices. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 1-18.

Park, H., Khan, S. & Petrina, S. (2009). ICT in science education: A quasi-experimental study of achievement, attitudes toward science, and career aspirations of Korean middle school students. International Journal of Science Education, 31(8), 993-1012.

Petrina, S. (2008). Medical liberty: Drugless healers confront allopathic doctors, 1910-1931. Journal of Medical Humanities. 29(4), 205-230.

Petrina, S., Feng, F. & Kim, J. (2008). Researching cognition and technology: How we learn across the lifespan. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 18(4), 375-396.

Guo, R. X., Dobson, T. & Petrina, S. (2008). Digital natives, digital immigrants: An analysis of age and ICT competency in teacher education. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 38(3), 235-254.

Nashon, S., Nielson, W. & Petrina, S. (2008). Whatever happened to STS? Preservice physics teachers and the history of quantum mechanics. Science & Education, 17, 387-401.

James, K. & Petrina, S. (2007). After-lifelong learning: A eulogium. Taboo, 10(2), 5-23.

Brennan, K., Feng, F., Hall, L. & Petrina, S. (2007). On the complexity of technology and the technology of complexity. In. B. Davis (Ed.), Proceedings of the Fourth Complexity Science and Educational Research conference, 47-73.

Petrina, S. (2006). C&I high. Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, 3(2), 125-147.

Petrina, S. (2006). The medicalization of education: A historiographic synthesis. History of Education Quarterly, 46(1), 503-532.

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