Stephen Petrina

Stephen Petrina specializes in Media and Technology Studies (MTS), Science and Technology Studies (STS), Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and of course curriculum studies (esp. sociology of curriculum and pedagogy). He is a cultural historian with current interests in the philosophy of research, as opposed to methodology. Critical Educator and Professor (Media & Technology Studies), he is in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of British Columbia.  He has advised to completion over 60 Masters and PhD students and has 100+ interdisciplinary publications.

Actively researching academic freedom, he is co-founder and co-Director, with Sandra Mathison and E. Wayne Ross, of the Institute for Critical Education Studies and co-Edits the Institute’s flagship journals Critical Education and Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor. With Sandra and Wayne, he blogs at the ICES andWorkplace blogs.

In addition to the metaphysics of research, he is exploring the interconnections between digital media and learning within ahow we learn media & technology (across the lifespan) framework. The emphasis is on design and engineering cognition.

Other projects include books titled Technology, Religion, Spirituality and the SacredTechontologies: The Critical Ontology of Media and TechnologyTwentieth Century Learning, and Education, Medicine, and the Psy-ences.  This fourth book includes a major article titled “Medical Liberty” published in the December 2008 issue of the Journal of Medical Humanities.

Recent major articles or chapters include an analysis of the critique of critique (a la Latour and Ranciere) in The New Critiquette and Old Scholactivism: A Petit Critique of Academic Manners, Managers, Matters, and Freedom and an entirely new paradigm for new media and technologies in “Postliterate Machineries.” This latest chapter basically spells the end of new literacies.

Dr. Petrina has also published a popular textbook titled Advanced Teaching Methods for the Technology Classroom (2007) and a collection of essays on the critical theory of design and technology education.  Recent articles appear in the History of Education Quarterly (e.g., “Preschools for Science,” award winning article with Penney Clark and Mona Gleason), History of PsychologyTechnology and Culture and the International Journal of Technology and Design Education.

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