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NOTE: Links to articles and chapters are for UBC course packets.

Petrina, S. (in press). Postliterate machineries. In J. Dakers (Ed.), Defining technological literacy. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Petrina, S. (2010). Design and engineering cognition. In P. A. Reed & J. LaPorte (Eds.), Research in technology education. Reston, VA: Council on Technology Teacher Education.

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Petrina, S. & Weir, L. (2008). Commercializing academic freedom: R&D, technology transfer, patents, and copyrights. In S. Krishna (Ed.), Technology transfer: Intellectual property rights (pp. 76-88). Hyderabad, India: Amicus Books, ICFAI University Press. (Reprint of article).

Petrina, S. (2007). Advanced teaching methods for the technology classroom. Hershey: Information Sciences, International.

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Petrina, S. (2007). 2020 vision: On the politics of technology. In D. Barlex (Ed.), Design & technology– For the next generation (pp. 32-41). London: Nuffield Foundation.

Petrina, S. (1994). Psychology, technology and clinical procedures in education: The cases of Luella W. Cole and Sidney L. Pressey, 1917-1934. Unpublished PhD diss., University of Maryland, College Park. Download ABSTRACT.

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