My research program is diversified in three directions: The first direction is toward Cultural Studies and Science and Technology Studies (STS), where I focus on the history, philosophy and sociology of education, medicine, the psy-ences, and technology.  My research into cyberculture, intellectual property rights, new media, and the automation of education is part of this trajectory as well.  The second direction is toward Curriculum Studies and Research Methodology, where I am interested in academic freedom; the history, politics and sociology of curriculum and learning; and the production and testing of new research methodologies.  The third direction is toward Digital Media and Learning, Educational Technology, and Design and Technology Education, where I address problems such as learning and cognition, as well as curriculum design.

Political Orientation Toward Academic Freedom and Open Access: As faculty member, co-Director of ICES, and co-Editor or Critical Education and Workplace, I defend the freedom, without restriction or censorship, to disseminate and publish reports of research, teaching, and service, and to express critical opinions about institutions or systems and their management.  I resist all efforts to limit the exercise of academic freedom and intellectual freedom, recognizing the right of criticism.  I subscribe to open access content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

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