Video cases: reviewing teacher-practitioners’ practices (2)

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This is a commentary on a video interview with a teacher who uses technology:

Case 5 is a middle school science teacher who’s been teaching for 12 years. Seems fairly technically inclined.

They have mostly been using podcasts, webquests, digital photos, and PowerPoint. They also made a song about science and drugs …

Interesting; used a mix of school & personal equipment … had to go find the equipment all over the place. If this teacher was not resourceful, they would not have the technology.

He involves parents and students electronically: emails marks, h-w, and reminders regularly.

He’s noticed that publishing online encourages kids to increase the quality of their work.

There is a big learning curve for teachers, but they need to be open to not knowing everything and exploring it with kids. “Makes the class interesting and I’m learning also.”

Kids: they like it better than learning out of a textbook, which is “boring.” They say “we’re actually doing it – it’s more exciting.”

Substitute teacher:
“When students have to present something, they put a lot of energy into making sure it’s correct. Also, projects and group learning helps.

* Underlying issues
– group learning: more interactive, more social, more interesting
– publishing (online and offline): kids put more effort into their work

* Further questions
– these are very simple technologies – is there more that can be done?
– how willing are teachers to be somewhat ignorant … to learn with the kids?


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