Automotive technology pushes the bus industry to become more sustainable

When it comes to contributing to traffic on the roads, it goes without saying that individuals today are more and more dedicated to contributing more consciously and sustainably. Rather than simply driving or getting on any old mode of transportation to get from point A to point B, people are becoming more invested in ensuring that they contribute in more sustainable ways. Whether it is driving one’s own vehicle, or taking a coach bus to get where you are going, the point remains the same. Considering group transportation, there are many options available. And up to 72% of travellers agree that individuals today should be making more sustainable travel choices – even if they are counting on group transport. Every vehicle counts, after all.

Hiring a coach bus is without a doubt one of the most sustainable group transportation options available, no matter where in the world you live. On the scale of transportation methods (from walking to riding a dump truck, specifically) travelling by charter bus comes third only after walking cycling. It might come as something of a surprise to some people, but when you consider the number of individuals that can board a single bus, the fact becomes almost obvious. Why? Well, there are several reasons why, but here are the three most important reasons why charter buses are one of the most sustainable group transportation options available.

Charter buses can transport more people at once

Up to fifty-five people on average can fit in a single charter bus, while the average vehicle has one to four people maximum in it at any given time. This means that you are actively becoming part of the solution instead of a contributor to the problem on a personal level. The more individuals that partake in charter bus travel, the more impact a single charter bus journey has on the emissions level around Earth. But it does not end there.

Charter buses eliminate the necessity for constant personal vehicle use

Taking a bus to an event or when you commute to your job every day means that you are taking active and consistent actions to become a part of the solution. When you take a charter bus to get you to point B, you are sharing the load with up to fifty-four other individuals as well as making the decision to leave your own vehicle at home. This means that rather than contributing harmful emissions into the air for the use of one individual (you), you are boarding a charter bus and sharing the emissions of a single vehicle with upwards of fifty other individuals at any given time.

Charter buses continue to become more eco-friendly

More and more often, the charter buses that are on the roads today are becoming more and more eco-friendly. In fact, electronically-powered charter buses have been in the works for a while now, and we are beginning to see the first models roll out onto roads around the world. EVs are always positive vehicles, and when it takes the form of a charter bus – a vehicle that has the power and the overall capacity to transport fifty-five people or so at once – the potential for positive sustainable impact becomes even more pronounced.