Steps to Make a House Secure

Research has shown that if a house takes a burglar 4 to 5 minutes to break into, they will most likely try the next house. This explains why you should make your house more secure.  Essentially, you should put in place measures that will make breaking into your house difficult for burglars. But, how do you do that? 

The current market has state-of-the-art systems that can be used to secure a house. For example, Frontpoint offers a modern approach to home safety – wireless security systems which are operated by touchscreen control panels. However, these are costly for some people. Luckily, they are not the only ones that can be used to make a house secure. You can also consider a wide range of in-expensive ways of making a house secure. 

Even with a tight budget for a house protection system, it’s unwise to overlook certain steps for ensuring the security of your house. Here are 6 steps to follow when you want to make your house more secure. 

1. Install Superior Windows and Door Locks 

Good security habits will go a long way in keeping burglars away. Home break-ins statistics show that many thieves look for easy targets. Most break-ins happen during the day between 10 am and 3 pm. And in most cases, burglars take 8 to 10 minutes to complete burglaries. 

34% of burglars use the front door to break into a house while 23% use the first-floor window. This shows that thieves look for easy access to houses. Therefore, install superior locks to your doors. Make sure that thieves can’t have an easy time breaking into your house through the windows or doors. 

2. Update Your House Locks 

Perhaps, it’s been years since you installed new locks. Well, this can make your home more vulnerable to future break-ins. It’s therefore, important to have a closer look at your house locks. Are some of the locks damaged? Is it possible that a stranger has keys to some of the locks? Does the house have exterior locks that are easy to bump open, jimmy, or pick? 

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need to replace or rekey some of the locks. Install tamper-proof locks that will make your house more secure. Consider the latest and most innovative locks in the market and install them to enhance the security of your house. 

3. Reinforce Windows, Doors, Hardware, and Locks 

You may have rock solid locks but the hardware, windows, and doors could be flimsy and weak. That means a well-placed kick or slam will allow a person to enter your house within seconds. Therefore, inspect all the entry points, particularly on the first floor. Repair, replace, or reinforce them if necessary. 

If you have thin, broken, or hollow-core exterior doors, consider replacing them. Alternatively, add extra support with a security bar or door barricade. Also, make sure that the strike plate is installed properly with at least ¾ inches long screws. That way, the bolt won’t be easy to force out of your door jamb. You can also use door reinforcement kits to strengthen the weak points of the door with strike plates. 

4. Install an Effective Home Security System 

Ensuring that your house has updated locks, as well as, strong doors and windows alone is not enough. You need to go the extra mile and install an effective home security system. If your house has a security system in place already, have it checked by an experienced professional. This will determine whether the system has faulty sensors or battery issues. a good professional will inspect the overall performance of the system. 

It’s also important to have old passcodes of the previous homeowners deleted and a new security pin selected. An ideal security pin should be easy to recall but hard for burglars to guess. If your house doesn’t have a security system, have it installed to make it secure. Even the presence of a security system and its monitoring features alone can deter would-be thieves. 

5. Install Proper Lighting 

Installing motion sensor lighting is a great way to make a house secure. Thieves don’t want bright spotlights on break-ins. Therefore, installing sensors in the darkest parts of the compound and areas that are not easy to view from the house or streets can deter would-be burglars. 

A light illuminates the surrounding areas, as well as, burglars that may hide or pass near the motion sensors and trigger them. Installation of security lighting can be a relatively cheap investment. Therefore, consider installing security lighting around your back and front doors. That way, you will illuminate al entrances and potential places where burglars can hide within your property. 

6. Avoid Showing off Your Valuables 

To make your house secure, avoid being flashy with valuables. Ideally, minimize the time when people see the valuables in your house from the streets. Before breaking into a house, most thieves will scope out an area to determine whether there is anything valuable they can steal. And, if they spot something valuable inside your house, they will start formulating a break-in strategy. 

Therefore, making a house secure can simply entail the removal of items that are commonly stolen from the place where strangers can easily view them. Such items include jewelry, cash, firearms, tablets, TVs, computers, and stereos. 

Anything of value and lightweight is a priority for burglars that want to loot valuables. Therefore, lock such items in a safe or keep them in a well-hidden part of the house. Additionally, close curtains and blinds while away or at night to shield your valuable possessions from possible burglars. 

The Bottom Line 

Burglar-proofing a house does not have to be a costly investment. You just need to know the measures to take to ensure that your house is not an easy target for thieves. Things like keeping valuable possessions away from the eyes of burglars can help make your house secure. However, some measures like making the compound well lit and installing a security system require money. Nevertheless, this investment goes a long way in protecting yourself, family, and valuable possessions. It can also help you save on insurance premiums.

The Advancements in Pet Security Systems

Living in a modern world that becomes more heavily paved with modern marvels like digitalisation and technological advancement, it is little to no wonder that we have entered a time that is more heavily reliant on these modern marvels than ever. The advancements and enhancements in security systems, for instance, are getting bolder and smarter all the time. Further, we in turn are becoming more comfortable, more familiar with the rapidly advancing ideals of said advancements and enhancements. It seems that we are positively immersed in and surrounded by these modern marvels in just about every possible way. We have even delved into the technological advancements that assist in the protection of our pets. These days, pet owner security systems are exceedingly common security systems found in modern homes. Why is that?

The protection of our most precious assets

Considering we have home security systems, car security systems, etc, it should come as no surprise that we have also begun delving into pet security systems. Of course, in the beginning this might seem somewhat strange, even unexpected, but the fact of the matter is that pet security systems are not only here to stay – they are brilliant. The protection of our most precious assets obviously includes our pets. So, having protective measures in place that are appropriately equipped to handle the security of our pets is a technology that is valuable beyond any of the wildest expectations one could have.

How pet owner security systems work

Essentially, pet owner security systems work their magic by either sensing, viewing, or hearing your pets at home through a pet security system not only goes a long way in protecting them should they be stolen from your home, but also in giving you peace of mind when you are at work or otherwise unable to be with them at home. There is an undeniable piece of mind that comes hand in hand with the awareness that you can “check in” from afar when your pet is hanging out at home and you are elsewhere. Even more exciting, is that pet owner security systems are getting smarter all the time.

The current advancements in pet security systems

There are several exciting advancements in pet security systems that are changing the foundations of pet security from the ground up. One of the most thrilling for pet owners around the globe is the development of a pet owner security system that essentially allows pet owners to not only check in on their homes and their pets while they are away, but also allows them the opportunity to have a two-way screen where their pet can see and hear them as well. This is thought to give pets a sense of comfort if they are feeling upset or otherwise unsettled when their owner is not at home, hopefully working its magic by assisting pets in calming down. Moreover, this is just the start for pet owner security systems. The best is yet to come.

How Transforming Digital Media Is Influencing People in Today’s World

Digital media is a very vast concept of the transfer of knowledge and communication from technology mediums to the consumer. Initially, digital media was put into direct comparison with print media, making it directly linked to addressing mass communication like newspapers or magazines. 

However, over the years the meaning and effect of digital media and the understanding of it have grown to conclude that almost all technology can be considered digital media. Experts say that digital media can be anything from pictures, videos, and other content available online even social media, as well as, web development, artificial intelligence, and what is typically the backend of the internet world. 

Digital media has transformed intensely over the years and its effects have also started to increase. People have started spending a lot more time on their smartphones than they used to, which has increased the dependence and importance of digital media as it is the most practical means of getting information from one end to the other. 

In this regard getting necessary content more visible has become crucial for businesses of all types. SEO services help you stop wasting internet marketing dollars on campaigns that don’t get measurable results. It is time to start driving more customers to your business with unique digital media plans that will grow your business.

Digital media has changed the way people live, the way they work, the way they speak, and some research studies show that not all impacts of digital media are positive. In recent studies, a link between time spent online and attention deficiency has been noted. Digital media has transformed life, and the changes are various.

A big part of the impact of digital media has to do with social media as it continues growing as an essential addition to people’s life. It has been noted now and again that social media has changed the way people live and network with each other. 

Communication has become easier thanks to social media where people can talk from one end of the world to another at any moment. All sorts of social media have taken form; Facebook has become more than just a place to post statuses, it has become a platform for people to share their opinions and have a voice. Skype and other video calling platforms have made it easier for travelers to stay in touch with friends, family, and partners, making traveling more convenient. Reddit has become a source for discussing ideas and topics of a wide range. 

On the contrary, social media has been said to have caused mental health problems because of the constant visibility of other people’s lives and human tendencies of comparison and jealousy. Over time people have gotten informed about their privacy online too, regarding how much information they share with networks and where that information goes. This is a big reason as to why VPNs have gotten so popular as people want to have more secure networks, they want to use the best means to get directly to the information available online without having to be bothered about their information leaking. 

People can get security for particular pages or general VPN options which are also vastly available. Internet security has become important for countries as well which was demonstrated when the European Union asked websites to abide by their General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

It’s also necessary to note that almost all information now is readily available on the internet. People find it more convenient to be able to find out about current events on their phones. News websites like Huffington Post, NY Post, and Forbes are people’s form of connecting with the world news.

The attractiveness of digital media also has to do with the level of engagement, people are allowed to voice their opinions by commenting, sharing and linking to different platforms. Media is no longer a way to tell people what one section of society knows and believes, it’s a platform for discussion and understanding different perspectives. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots are another manner in which the transfer of information becomes more convenient and has been the biggest transition of the new digital media. AI like Siri and Google Assistant has become an essential part of how people organize and manage their day-to-day schedules, call people and get information on different topics. Virtual assistance has been portrayed as one of the most common ways for people to manage their work life.

It is also important to realize that as information on technology grows the attention span of people tends to decrease. People spend their whole days on their phone from one app to another, and although it has become a way of life, experts suggest decluttering from social media and the technological world can be very beneficial.

Digital media has changed the way information is not only transferred but also perceived. Moreover, as people become more aware of technology, new innovations are required. People want the information to be easily accessible and even more easily shareable. 

Technology giants are constantly working on how to grow digital media and the different ways in which it can become a more essential part of human life. Transfer of knowledge is now not only through the books and ancestors but through what people read and watch online and who they, directly and indirectly, communicate with. 

As the dependence on technology grows, however, people are to be more conscious of how they spend their time and how it affects their personality and mental health more than their livelihood. Digital media will continue to enhance life but people should know how to use it and make sure that they are using the platforms to positively impact their lives.

Business on Instagram: Does it Work?

Instagram is a widely used social media network. It’s popular among users from all walks of life. Today, Instagram has over 200 million users visiting a business profile per day. Over 25 million companies globally are using Instagram. In total, Instagram has more than 700 million active monthly users.

These users present a great opportunity for businesses to market their services and products to a more targeted audience. It’s therefore, not surprising to find many businesses creating accounts and trying to get more followers on Instagram. But, does creating a business account on Instagram help in increasing the selling rates via business promotion? Sure, however, businesses must follow contemporary trends in social networks in order to receive interest from Instagram users. For example, post a story with a shrug Emoji and a questionnaire.

Why a Business Account can Increase Sales Rate 

Creating an Instagram business account works in boosting sales but it depends on the overall quality of the account and the accompanying content. Essentially, having an Instagram page can help or harm your business. But, when used properly, Instagram can help a business increase sales.

The Power of Numbers 

When it comes to social media marketing, the number of followers, subscribers, and likes matter. As of June 2018, Instagram had hit 1billion active monthly users and 400 million daily active Instagram Story users. And, these numbers are growing every day. The social media platform has more than 1 million active monthly advertisers. More than 40 billion photos have been shared on Instagram.

Instagram users share around 95 million videos and photos every day. These are attractive numbers to any marketer. They are just mouth-watering. Where there are numbers there is a possibility of making sales. And just like with other platforms, what matters is how a marketer or product owner present their sales message to the audience. So, if the sales message is packaged and presented properly, it can help increase the sales of a business.

Boosting Brand Visibility 

More people are using mobile devices to access the internet than those using desktop computers. With more people using Smartphones to access the internet, it means they can access and share videos and photos. Instagram was initially meant to be a photo-sharing platform. So, if businesses can use their accounts to post relevant and quality content, they can increase boost their visibilities. Posting quality content via a business account can lead to more mentions of a brand. And, this can increase the interest people will have in a brand, which is a first step in the process of generating leads.

Improved Engagements 

Increased engagement is among the secrets to internet marketing success. And, Instagram is the best social media for engagements. Instagram provides an engagement rate of around 4.2 per follower. This is about 58 times the engagement delivered by Facebook.

As such, Instagram is the best place to start building a brand and boosting conversion. As long as business posts quality content, more users will like and share it. They will also leave comments. Such activities will boost engagement between the business and prospects.

Multi-Channel Marketing 

A major reason why Instagram works when it comes to promoting a business on social media is the fact that it allows brands to use videos, photos, and texts. And, once a business or brand has come up with videos or images for use on Instagram, it can use them on its website and other social media networks. If a business comes up with well-designed posts, it can reach a more targeted, wider audience. Thus, people that are not following a business on Instagram can still discover the brand and share its images.

Tips for Increasing Selling Rates with Instagram Business Account 

Many brands are competing with yours to increase their selling rates with Instagram. To beat your competitors, try the following tips.

Create a Good Business Profile 

If your business offers more solutions or does many things, it’s easy to be caught up trying to fit all the information in a profile. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to focus on the most important unique selling points of your business. You can also disclose the next big thing for your business. This can be a product launch, promotion, or event. Also, include a clickable link in the bio and make sure it’s working.

Use Instagram Features and Hashtags 

Try things like Instagram Stories to ensure your business stories are displayed at the top of the timelines of your followers prominently. And to increase the reach of your business posts, use hashtags. You can use general hashtags or campaign-specific hashtags. The most important thing is to ensure that every hashtag that you use is relevant.

Know Your Audience

Just like with any other marketing platform, it’s important to know the target audience when it comes to doing business on Instagram. For instance, a business should start by finding out what followers like. It’s easy to know this by finding out what they share. A business can also read comments of the audience to learn the best ways to improve its services and products.

Show Creativity 

When it comes to promoting a business on Instagram, focus on how you want to solve the problems the audiences are facing, not the product you are selling. The goal should be to show the audience how your product can add value to them. And, make sure that you look good when doing it.

Never forget that Instagram was meant to be a photo-sharing platform. Therefore, visual content is the most important asset when it comes to promoting a business, product, or service on Instagram.

If you run a service-oriented business, focus on showing prospects or customers the process of offering the service. For instance, you can share the mission of your mission and its culture. You can also share how-to guides or tips. If possible, upload short videos or photos. The best videos for Instagram are up to 1 minute long.

The Bottom Line 

Whether creating an Instagram account for business increases the selling rates for businesses depends on the account quality and the accompanying content. Overall, a business Instagram account works. Nevertheless, more effort should be put into the quality of the account and content.

Necessity of Cybersecurity in Digital Era

We live in the beginning of the digital era. Essentially, what that means is that we are living in a modern world that is paved to the brim with good intentions, digitalisation, and technological advancement. This is a world of our own creation, and so we should not be at all surprised at the way that this world has unfolded and continued to evolve and expand since the dawn of its introduction to the big, wide world. Today, modern society is more hinged on technologies than it has ever been, and it continues to become more so every single day. At the core of that realisation lies the distinct realisation that we are growing more comfortable, more familiar, with technological innovation than we are in its absence. In this way (and so many others), this truly is a whole (digitally empowered) new world.

The technologies that have changed the world

So, in a world that is steadily becoming more technologically inclined all the time, it comes as no surprise that our reliance on technological innovations like the worldwide web has become stronger and stronger too. The internet has been remarkable since it was first introduced to the world, changing life as we knew it forever. Over the years, the enhancements to the internet have only gotten more advanced and more impressive. In many ways, this is a positive, but it can and does also inevitably open doors that pose potential risks. Protecting ourselves has never been so important – especially online.

The necessity of cybersecurity measures today

This is exactly why cybersecurity is so important in this day and age. Now that we are engaging online more than ever and thus investing more and more of ourselves and our lives into the virtual landscape that is the worldwide web, it becomes more and more obvious that there is a growing necessity for cybersecurity measures. Essentially, cybersecurity is all about protecting online activity and users by initiating and upholding several different virtual security measures. Each of these measures is designed to protect the privacy and safety of a user’s online activity. In a time like today, this type of innovation is more important than it has ever been.

What we can expect going into the future now

There are so many cybersecurity options out there today, thankfully. Whether it is anti-malware programs or a standard VPN (to name a few examples among the many), cybersecurity is more powerful than it has ever been. What is more, is that it seems to only continue its upward trajectory, getting better and better all the time. Having a reliable, secure and private connection really can make the difference between being protected online and needing to get your ducks in a row when you find you have been too lax. Going forward, we can almost certainly expect more advancement. Cybersecurity continues to step it up all the time these days, and there is no reason to think that will change any time soon.

Why Do Canadians Use VPNs?

The internet might seem like a place of freedom but the sad reality is the average online user will be restricted when it comes to what they can watch and access. Big corporations, governments and authorities often use software designed to block certain sites, track users and steal their data.

This is certainly true for the citizens of Canada. In order for them to stay protected and get passed restrictions they too will have utilize effective software. That is why so many Canadians are turning to virtual private networks (VPNs). These are not only versatile and effective. They are also perfectly legal in Canada.

In simple terms a VPN connects a user to the internet in a secure way. Their data traffic will go through an encrypted virtual tunnel. Therefore the user will be less vulnerable to trackers, hackers and cyber criminals. A VPN extends the amount of freedom Canadians can have when browsing the internet and deep web. The main advantages of having one installed are anonymity, security and the ability to bypass blocks.


Torrenting is enjoyed by people all over the world. The ability to share data files with others in a free and easy way is a wonderful thing. However, this activity can potentially expose sensitive user information. If someone in Canada started downloading or uploading on a torrent site their IP address would most likely be visible.

An IP address can also reveal the user’s geographic location. In some cases this may be enough to expose their identity as well. People who regularly engage in P2P sharing run the risk of this exposure every time they torrent. If anyone can see their IP address it is only a matter of time before a malicious entity takes advantage of the sensitive information.

A VPN will conceal a person’s true IP and make it appear as though they are located somewhere else, ideally in a completely different country. The biggest VPN companies give their users access to thousands of global servers. If a Canadian used a server in Europe their IP origin would appear to be from that continent. Masking an IP with VPN technology is an essential aspect of modern torrenting. Without it the consequences can be disastrous.

Bypassing Geo Blocks

Numerous sites and services on the internet have geo based restrictions in place. This is especially true when it comes to streaming sites such as Netflix, iPlayer, Prime Video and many others. A person in Canada would not be able to watch the British version of Netflix without a VPN.

Conversely, if a Canadian ex-pat wanted to watch geo-blocked television station content from their home country they would also need to utilize a VPN. This technology is not however a way to watch restricted content for free. The user will still have to register and pay for the streaming service content.

Live sporting events are notorious for “black outs”. This is when the event is not allowed to be broadcast to a certain territory because the network is not local. A black out can be very frustrating for sports fans. VPNs let users watch sports through an international server, preventing this issue.

Keeping Data Protected

Accessing the internet without any security software in place is risky. There is always the potential that a third party is monitoring the user’s activity. They will need to be protected from malware, ransomware and other malicious software.

When people use the internet for extended periods of time they will inevitably have to share sensitive information. This could include bank details, login usernames and passwords, personal information, medical history or work files. Their connection will have to be safe and a VPN is ideal for this. It stops hackers in their tracks and secures user traffic.

Staying Anonymous

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the average person to keep their identity hidden when online. Criminals are not the only ones who want to get their hands on the general public’s data. Many legitimate but intrusive organizations try to collect user data. This could be for research and marketing purposes.

It is not uncommon for Canadians to search for items to buy and then be targeted by ads for these products. They have not had their mind read, instead their search information has been covertly collected. With this info a company can create an entire consumer profile and continue to target them with tailor made ads.

The practice of brazen data collection has become so disturbing that people use VPNs simply to stay anonymous. This does not mean they have anything to hide. They simply want to avoid creepy marketing practices.


VPNs have revolutionized the safety and freedom of regular people who use the internet. It is likely that the popularity of VPNs will increase even more in the near future.

The Most Popular Approaches to Translating and Localizing Movies

Having a movie converted into multiple languages is one of the guarantees of its success. Read about the ways to translate films for massive audiences.

Through correct movie translation, it is possible to apply to the hearts of millions of people around the globe. Modern cinemas took care of advanced translations of the films they show to collect more money from their viewers. Even though English is considered an international language, and Chinese is the most spoken one, people prefer watching motion pictures in their native language to understand every single word, joke, and idiom. To succeed, movie makers turn to professional translation services and choose one of the available methods to localize their masterpieces. We will discuss them in this article.

The Role of Audiovisual Content

One of the most effective methods to convert films in various languages is, no doubt, audiovisual translation. Globalizing audiovisual content means expanding the target audience significantly and increasing the number of regions where people watch the movie or show. It is like website optimization. It might cost your business a bit, but the outcomes are usually worth investing in. Special language services providers usually offer audiovisual translation in numerous languages, and the fee usually depends on the number or complexity of the chosen languages. Commercial movie makers never use to consult the websites that offer free translation online. These companies hire the services of some professional translators to convert and add audiovisual effects in the movies. This is an extremely sensitive task because the translator has to produce the audiovisual content compatible with the cultural and emotional context of the source language. 

At the same time, the cultural aspect should be taken into consideration as direct translation will not bring the desired effect. Except for the cultural, political, religious, and economic factors are critical to take into account when dealing with movie translation. A movie maker should also consider various approaches to translating films:

  • Subtitling;
  • Voice-over;
  • Lip-sync dubbing

They all come at different costs. They also demonstrate different effectiveness. Those are just the most popular approaches that one should use if he or she wants the film to be equally successful in various languages and cultures. We should briefly discuss each method.


It was noticed that smaller regions choose subtitles when it comes to translations of movies. Under small countries, we mean those with populations around 10 million people or even less. The approach is known as relatively cheap. Thus, it is also popular among independent movie makes who do not receive enough budget for their masterpieces. 

In such countries as Spain and Portugal, subtitles are often applied to foreign television shows. Also, many countries today have more than two official languages, and that is another thing that makes subtitling quite wide-spread: language minorities especially benefit from this method. To sum up, the pros of subtitling include:

  • Comparatively low costs (15 times cheaper than dubbing on the average!);
  • Original language is still heard (it helps many people to learn new languages);
  • The plot’s main message is delivered way better (the main idea remains the same as it is not important to sync the dialogues and the actors’ lips).

Of course, like in any situation, there are some disadvantages to using subtitles. Perhaps, you can guess some of them, but here is the top of disadvantages that might even prevent some filmmakers from subtitling:

  • This method slows down the watcher (having to read comments whenever the dialogues are on may distract the viewer from the plotline);
  • Limited space is required (when subtitling, the translators have to meet several strict conditions);
  • The production time becomes longer;
  • The overlapping colors may become an obstacle.


The next common method is so-called dubbing. The idea is to remove the source audio track to include a recorded one in the required language. The central European countries prefer this method on TV and in the cinema industry in general. This approach suits regions with large populations more. As some countries have just one officially recognized language, dubbing is their best choice. No cultural factors or religion usually matter but politics. It is still critical to obey censorship. 

What about the advantages of this method? They include:

  • Increased film’s appeal to mainstream watchers (provides a sense of national identity and comfort in general);
  • Guarantees successful motion picture localization (dubbing the movie in their native language makes the audience understand the plot better; when mixed along with subtitles, the effect is the best);
  • Humor and idioms become better to understand (dubbing allows accepting the joke or anecdote converted into the language that the local population understands).

So, the greatest advantage of dubbing is localizing the content so that the audience perceives the movie as the one produced by the domestic filmmaker. Of course, some cons were admitted by the experts, too:

  • Selection of voice may be improper (often, the same actors dub the same original actors in movies, and audience sooner or later gets acquainted with that; but when it comes to some regions, a single actor dubs all actors, and it is not really comfortable as people should watch the picture all the time to get who is talking);
  • Sync of the voices (it is not easy to synchronize the voices with the mouths of actors);
  • Some voices may sound irritating to the watcher.

How to Translate a Film Step-by-Step

We have discussed a couple of the most commonly applied approaches to movie translation. Now, it is time to have a look at the steps a crew should do to implement each of them. So, we will start with the guide to adding subtitles:

  • Collect the requirements by identifying the nature/scope of the film;
  • Come up with the necessary assets (transcript and framework);
  • The translation of the dialogue itself;
  • Adjustment of settings and timing;
  • Implement quality assurance tests;
  • The last few steps in engineering.

The process of dubbing looks pretty much similar with some differences. For example, once the translators are done with their job, it is necessary to apply instruments to count the script’s syllables to adapt the translated material. Then, the actors may view the translation while voiceover. At the same time, one should control their tone, intonation, expressions, etc. The last steps are the same as in the case of subtitling: quality assurance and engineering.

So, Which One to Choose?

No matter which of the discussed techniques you choose, you will benefit from converting and localizing your project. It refers not only to movies: the entire business world works this way today. When translating a movie, consider the regions you plan to target as well as some other factors such as costs and voiceover actors’ availability. Then, your film is doomed to succeed (taking into account an interesting plot and good acting, of course).

The company providing solutions for the entire pet industry

BabelBark was started by Roy Stein and Bill Rebozo. They created a solution for a personal problem. Stein and Rebozo wanted to leave for vacation. The problem with traveling as a pet parent is that must leave their fur loved one with someone they trust. Although boarding is an option, it’s often wildly expensive and also can cause emotional stress on the animal because it’s taken out of its natural environment. Pet sitters are increasing in number as the amount of pet owners continues to grow.

As friends, co-workers, and software engineers, both men decided to create an app that helped find care givers. Not only did it connect the pet parents with their community, it also provided updates on the pet while the parent was away. It’s a revolutionary idea that creates a simple solution to a present day issue.

“The idea for BabelBark came about in early 2015 when we were planning an extended vacation—and worried about leaving our dogs with sitters. So, we created an app to help the care givers out and enable us keep tabs on what’s happening with our dogs.” – Roy Stein

The app usage started with just two guys and then spread to their community. The men saw and conquered a business opportunity to make it available to the public. They did a soft launch in 2018 and a full launch in 2019. Since then, the company is growing in investments, services offered, and brand awareness.

The company has a competitive advantage in their market for a few reasons. The primary reason they will continually see growth and success is that they are the first to enter a market. In a way, they created the market and then dived into other facets of the pet industry. An app that helps connect pet owners and care givers will give the owners a peace of mind while traveling and also provide the care givers with new clients.

“Since the idea for the app came about, BabelBark has grown into a Pet Suite of products including the BabelBark app for pet owners, BabelVet software for veterinary hospitals + clinics and BizBark software for businesses + shelters—all designed to work together to

redefine the connection between pets and everyone who cares for them.” -Roy Stein

When researching their audience, BabelBark owners realized a few key factors played into their hopeful success. A generational and demographic shift means that millennials are holding off on kids. Research demonstrates that the millennial generation is getting waiting to get married and have children, and thus, have opted to raise furry friends. Because they all aren’t paying for weddings or children in their twenties, some of them are more likely to pay for luxury pet items and be much more invested in the lives of their pets.

“Pet parents have different needs now than 10 years ago due to a number of factors. Verticality is out and old thinking – Horizontality is the new way to think and what millennials expect. Pet businesses need to ensure they are prepared because the new digital mobile practice is a horizontal movement. They now need to be connected to the entire pet ecosystem and ONLY BabelBark does this.” – Bill Rebozo

Their company provides a full service and horizontal integration approach to users. So not only does it focus on care givers, the company also provides other services like BizBark and BabelVet. Those two services help connect pet businesses and vet providers to owners. The app can essentially be a one stop shop for owners. Because it is a multi-faceted provider, businesses and vet clinics are likely to use it on their end to connect with pet owners. As a mutually beneficial product, the horizontal approach helps every notch in the system.

Although the startup came about just a few years ago, the two men have successful raised $8.6M in funding and are continually hoping for growth in their idea. The American Animal Hospital Association (AHAA) chose BabelBark as the exclusive vet-pet platform until December 2021. The app has the ability to benefit animal hospitals and vet clinics by advertising their services on the app. Because it provides global services, BabelBark is able target in local markets. Unlike purchasing a product, sometimes buying a service, like vet care, is preferred to be done locally by pet parents. For this reason, BabelBark connects local pet parents with the local businesses and vets available to them. This powerhouse system of data is beneficial for all users involved and gives BabelBark an upper hand when it comes to future investments and business endeavors.

“By connecting the whole eco-system of pet parents with veterinary and other pet caregiver businesses through a single platform, our platform delivers mutually-reinforcing benefits with a robust data base enabling predictive analytics on what product and service is needed & when.” –Bill Rebozo

Manmade diamonds present a new era in diamond cutting technology

For decades, it has been perhaps the world’s most genius slogan that diamonds are indeed forever. This is an industry that, over time, has evolved to bloom into the booming sector that it is today. Every year, around 150 million carats of diamonds are extracted from the Earth. And, unfortunately, it has not always been an industry that has actively practiced ethical resourcing of the diamonds. For generations, the blood diamond trade in Africa enticed some of the most dangerous, even hostile worker conditions in the world (if you can ever call them that).

The drive for diamonds has never ceased, nonetheless. People all over the world consider diamonds to be some of the most precious stones available, and indeed they are. But more to the point, now that awareness and a general understanding of how exactly so many of those diamonds make it to the international market has bloomed so significantly, there is more of a push to source the precious stones more reasonably, on every front. The diamond industry might not be going anywhere any time soon, but the hope is that soon the way in which it operates from the onset will change.

The push for a more ethically sustainable approach to sourcing diamonds

Over time, ethical awareness spread, and today there is a push to eradicate the blood diamond industry, but it is an ongoing battle (for more information on legal rights surrounding workplace incidents check it out here). Even so, a rising solution to the crisis comes in the form of manmade diamonds. These diamonds are just as beautiful as organically sourced diamonds, and with a practically flawless ethical stance on sourcing, polishing, and marketing, at that. And, as it turns out, an especially significant approach to diamond cutting.

It all starts with controlled manmade growth inside a specified lab

Being made in a lab, manmade diamonds are controlled from the moment their creation and subsequent growth is initiated, to the moment they are polished and finalised before being sent out to the global market. Whereas organically grown and sourced diamonds are all different sizes, shapes, and clarity, manmade diamonds can be controlled every which way, which ultimately makes them more easily cut and polished when the time comes for that process to take place.

Diamond cutting manmade diamonds is more acute, more precise

The laser cutting technology used to cut diamonds in manmade and controlled labs is so precise that I can make thousands, if not millions, of the exact same cut, to the exact same specifications, to the exact same quality, time and again. Further, the process of diamond cutting these stones is more time-effective, owing to the fact that the machines used to control and carry out the diamond cutting technology are much faster than human hands. This makes it easier for manmade diamonds to be cut not only more precisely, but more quickly, ensuring that turnover rates remain high and the quality remains at its best.

The relationship between AI and insurance

We are no strangers to technological absolution and further and ongoing digitalisation. The modern world that we currently thrive and live in is more technologically profound than ever. We have never seen the likes of this type of global innovation, and it is true that we may not see it ever again. This drastic jump in species’ advancement and further innovation has been our doing, and we are now standing on the verge of a new world that is not just peppered with technological advancement and rapid digitalisation, but effectively immersed in it.

Every industry that survives and thrives today has found itself yielding to technological influence, in one way or another. It is the way of the modern world that it must entirely shift and realign, always striving to meet new heights and carve new impressions as it moves along. One of those unexpected yet inevitable technologically-charged innovations is the budding relationship between AI (artificial intelligence) and the worldwide insurance sector.

The melding of artificial intelligence technology and the insurance industry

It is true that AI is disruptive in all the best ways, but it is also true that it has taken some time for us to perfect our approach with it all. Modern consumers expect that the ways they interact with the world around them are going to be intrinsically linked with technological prowess, because they have become so used to it, so quickly. This is precisely what has happened, what continues to happen even now. In the insurance industry, AI has disrupted to essentially create a more convenient and wholly accessible future for the industry, and all who use it (either regularly or sporadically).

Why AI is such a fundamentally positive disruption to insurance

AI is designed to work smarter, so that we do not have to. And so, it is. AI in the insurance industry is aimed at giving customers a smoother transition through the processes and systems that come along with organising and maintaining insurance claims, policies, and procedure turnovers. And it is working its magic on the industry from the inside out, too, by automating and taking control of tedious processes, henceforth freeing up more energy and time for those who work in the industry to focus on the more personally-driven aspects of their jobs and the industry itself.

Where we can expect the relationship between the two to bloom next

It does not necessarily matter if one is considering the home insurance rates Ontario, or the insurance plans available in Australia, or even if it is the automation through AI of system processes and outtakes, the point is always the same – especially now. AI has been slowly but surely disrupting industries and innovations around the world for quite some time now, and insurance is its latest and greatest claim to date. This is not new news. What is expected to happen, however, is that AI will just continue to grow, always shifting into its next iteration with relative ease.